10 pre-built IFTTT applets to activate with Amazon Alexa

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a wonderful tool that allows hundreds of services to communicate with each other for unlimited automation potential. One of its most effective uses is linking with Alexa to unlock features that would be impossible without a service like IFTTT.

We’ll explore ten IFTTT applets that you can pair with Alexa to enhance your smart home.

How to configure IFTTT

To get started with IFTTT, download the IFTTT app, available for iOS and Android. Note that it is possible to complete the process on the IFTTT website, but some applets require the IFTTT app to work.

You will need to register and then access the dedicated Amazon Alexa page. Once there, press Relate and follow the steps to log into your Amazon account. When connected, the Relate the button will say Create.

You are now ready to start configuring applets. If you need a step-by-step guide to getting started, check out our article on setting up and using IFTTT with Alexa

While it can be handy to use Alexa as your voice-activated to-do list, it’s admittedly annoying to hear her rattle off each item every time you want to check what’s on your list.

If you have an iPhone and like to use Apple’s built-in reminders, check out this applet. Once enabled, the next time you add an item to your Alexa to-do list, it will also be immediately added to your iOS Reminders.

Maybe you prefer to keep track of everything in the cloud with Google Calendar. This applet will create a Google Calendar event each time you add something to your Alexa to-do list. If you ask Alexa to add “dinner with Jack tomorrow at 7pm”, the event will also appear in your calendar at the correct time.

If you enjoy using Google Calendar, you might be interested in our article on six Google Calendar mistakes to avoid.

If you’re a fan of the Todoist task management app (available for iOS and Android), this applet is for you. What’s better than adding items to your lists without even opening the app?

With this applet, whenever you ask Alexa to add an item to your to-do list, it will send the task to your designated Todoist list or project for further delegation. No more reaching for your phone the next time you need to quickly jot down a task.

Alexa’s built-in shopping list is great for when you suddenly remember you need to buy something and want to take note of it instantly. If you are a regular user of this feature or often leave your paper list at home, give this applet a try.

Now when you ask Alexa what’s on your shopping list, you’ll get the full list via text, which is great when you’re rushing or need to quickly share the list with someone else .

Ever wish Alexa timers came with a visual cue? You may have your Echo device in another room, frequently use headphones around the house, or be hard of hearing. Either way, this applet can change that.

Once activated, your Phillips Hue lights will flash when the timer runs out until you ask Alexa to stop.

Are you always irritating your family members, partner or roommates by asking them to call your phone when you lost it? With this applet, you can ask Alexa to call your phone instead, and we promise it won’t be annoyed no matter how many times you ask.

Just follow the ringtone to find your phone. If it’s on silent, unfortunately, there’s no way to activate your buzzer simultaneously – you’ll just have to follow the buzz instead.

If you’re sure your phone is nearby, like on the side of the couch or on your desk somewhere, you might prefer a notification instead of a loud ringtone. This can be especially true if you find yourself in an environment where a ringing phone will disturb others.

After connecting this applet, you can ask Alexa to find your phone, and shortly after, you will receive a notification from the IFTTT app.

One of the first features everyone learns to love with Alexa is asking her to play music with just a phrase. If you’re the only person using your Echo, you probably know what music is playing. But if you share your Echo with others, it can be useful to back up every song Alexa plays.

Maybe you want a playlist full of music that everyone can agree on; maybe you want to keep track of what your kids are listening to. Whatever the reason, this Spotify applet will save every song played by Alexa to a Spotify playlist of your choice.

Alternatively, if you’re a bit of a data nerd or want to keep track of the music playing on your Alexa without creating a playlist, give this applet a try. Once enabled, the song name, artist, album and playing time will automatically be saved to a Google Sheet – perfect for those occasions when you can’t remember a song’s name but know when it is. has been played.

Roomba vacuums are the epitome of smart home automation alongside voice-activated assistants like Alexa. Now you can combine the two without manually activating it via remote control or app.

Instead, with this IFTTT applet, you can simply start your Roomba with a phrase to Alexa. How does it go for effective smart home automation?

Unleash your smart home potential with IFTTT and Alexa

If you’ve ever wished Alexa had a particular feature, take a look at IFTTT. There are hundreds of applets pre-built by its amazing community that can do almost anything your heart desires.

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