10 Things You Can’t See Without Thinking About “How I Met Your Mom”

Though it’s filled with life lessons, memorable quotes, and wacky but oddly relatable characters, how I Met Your Mother also provided its viewers with dozens of different everyday things that now take on a whole new meaning. Even from the startthis show was destined for greatness.

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Sure, having a drink in an Irish pub might make you wish you were in a stall at MacLaren’s, and you might remember Lily Aldrin every time you hear someone say, “You son of a bitch.” , but the series also gave us nine seasons. value of symbols and brands that made it legendary – wait for it…

yellow umbrella

Yellow umbrella in How I Met Your Mother

Imagine this: you are walking in the pouring rain on the busy sidewalk. Everyone’s pink rain boots splash each other in puddles, chatter drawn by roaring thunder, and your plain old umbrella brushes against someone’s bright yellow. Now, who do you immediately think of?

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One of the show’s most notable objects, the yellow umbrella is first introduced in season 3 when the expectant mother of Ted’s children leaves it at a party and Ted ends up taking it for protection. rain. After a group of characters play musical chairs as the owner of the umbrella, Ted is finally reunited with him in season 8 when the mother stands a few feet away from him holding the familiar object.


A sandwich”

Marshall, Lily and Ted eating a sandwich on how i met your mom

One of the show’s long-running jokes was Future Ted’s sugar-coated metaphor for smoking a joint. Instead of being honest with his kids by telling them stories from his past, whenever the drugs come up, Future Ted tells them they were just “eating a sandwich”. It’s a gag that continues in the show’s flashbacks when the character is often seen holding literal sandwiches in place of joints.

This Ted-ism appears in 14 episodes of the series, mostly involving the college years of Ted, Marshall, and Lily. So the next time a HIMYM fan asks if you’d like him to make you a sandwich, you might want to check with him what kind of “sandwich” he’s referring to.


Ted Mosby and the Pinapple Incident About How I Met Your Mother

Preferably incidental. Pineapples haunted how I Met Your Mother fans since the Season 1 episode titled “The Pineapple Incident”. After a drunken night, Ted wakes up with a girl in his bed and a pineapple on his nightstand, and makes it his mission throughout the series to find out where he came from.

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Although the “pineapple incident” is revealed in a deleted scene from a later season, it is never resolved in the series. Now whenever you try to enjoy a Dole Whip in the Magic Kingdom or your kids watch Sponge Bob SquarePants, you might just be tormented by the fruity mystery that’s been going on for years.


Lily and Robin Sword fight over how I met your mother

The swords hanging over the fireplace in Ted’s apartment weren’t just used as decorative tools. These swords were thrown at each other several times when the characters engaged in sword fights. The swords even turned into HIMYM Easter egg when how i met your father the characters Sid and Jesse move into the same apartment where the swords still remain.

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While the sight of the swords might not send you back to Ted’s apartment, they remain a symbol of both the original show and its 2022 Hulu spin-off title How I met your father.

A mall


Raise your hand if, every time someone suggests you go shopping, you say, “Let’s go to the mall…today!” If you do, not only do you come across as a major Robin Sparkles stan, but you’re once again reminded of How I Met Your Mother, this time as a song.

Before she was MCU’s Maria Hill, Cobie Smulders not only played Robin on HIMYM, but his popstar alter ego Robin Sparkles, who traveled to malls across Canada to perform his hit, aptly titled “Let’s Go to the Mall.” This song was so popular that it not only served as Ted’s ringtone on the show, but it was also featured in the actual video game. Just Dance 3 in 2011.

Red cowboy boots

Ted Mosby holds red cowboy boots on How I Met Your Mother

No, not just any old pair of cowboy boots will remind you How I Met Your Mother. Only reds will succeed, the same way Ted thinks he can pass them throughout the series. Bought while he was dating Robin, Ted managed to pull them off with jeans, pants, and even just a dressing gown.

Although only appearing in eight of the series’ 208 episodes, red cowboy boots have become a staple of Ted’s personality. That is, until they are burned by Ted’s old flame, Jeanette.


Cast of How I Met Your Mother

Barney Stinson’s obsession with costumes has become a running gag on the show. Rumored to have 210 costumes which he wears in nearly every episode of the show, Barney is only seen out of costume 18 times in nine seasons. Barney’s costumes became such a big part of the character that there was an entire episode dedicated to him for the attire, as well as an accompanying musical number by the cast.

Unlike Barney, you may not “dress up” when you go out for a drink, go to bed, or even go to work. Every time you come across someone in a costume, you know HIMYM had an impact if the chorus of “Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit” plays in your head.


Ted Mosby tells how I met your mother

The phrase “Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M.” is not just a Season 1 episode title, but a life lesson originally given by Ted’s mother that it passes on then to his children. When Ted thinks his relationship with Victoria is about to end and Robin asks Ted to come over at 2 a.m., Ted rushes to her house and tells her that he and Victoria have broken up. But when Victoria calls looking for Ted, not only does Ted lose her, he also loses Robin.

This rule is mentioned again later in the series when Future Ted says that the only good thing that happened after 2 a.m. was his son. But the next time you find yourself with a burst of energy and a clock that just knocked twice, think back to what HIMYM settle down and just go to bed.

The word “legendary”

Barney Stinson tells how I met your mother

“Legendary” is an adjective that means remarkable or exceptional. It’s also Barney Stinson’s word for all the good things that happen to him and his friends. In an effort not to overuse the word, Barney usually splits it down the middle with his accompanying catchphrase, “wait for it”.

More of something you can’t hear without thinking How I Met Your Mother, while “legendary” can sound like any ordinary word, HIMYM fans, it’s a rite of passage and one of the most memorable things about the entire series.

blue french horn

Ted Mosby Holding a Blue French Horn on How I Met Your Mother Finale

While a blue can be hard to find, it’s hard to see a French horn without remembering the instrument that started it all. This how I Met Your Mother staple appears in both the first and the last episode of the series, stolen by Ted as a romantic gesture for Robin both times.

Like the yellow umbrella and red cowboy boots, this colorful item adds to the panoply of symbols that when you see them, you can’t help but remember comedy…


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