4 little-known tips for mastering Spotify

In a way, streaming services like Spotify have made things so much easier for music lovers by giving us access to a virtually limitless catalog of music from around the world with just one subscription. But sometimes, your playlists on Spotify get a little too much to manage, causing you to spend a lot of time searching and browsing through them to find your jam. But these tips and journeys can help you organize your Spotify playlists.

Organize your playlists using folders

Spotify has a desktop and web feature, “Create Folder” that will save you the hassle of finding the perfect playlist. All you have to do is group similar playlists together for easy access. You can organize them by decade, genre, or mood. All you need to do is go to the desktop app or web player, right-click on a playlist, create a folder, and give it a name.

Keep your music library up to date

That playlist you created last year when you decided to only listen to UK boring music from just one obscure producer? It might just need an update. If you have Spotify Premium, you can simply tap the “Improve” button at the top of the playlist to let the app suggest custom song additions that match other songs in the playlist. This uses Spotify’s algorithm to automatically add recommended songs that match what you already like.

Easily navigate your library

If you’re struggling to sort through all your saved tracks, the “Your Library” search feature on mobile is your best friend. Simply tap the search icon to search for a specific song or artist, or sort your music using the ‘Recently Played’, ‘Recently Added’, Alphabetical’ or ‘Creator’ filters.

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Personalize your playlist with an image

One way to take your playlist game to the next level is to add custom cover art. On the Spotify mobile app, tap the three-dot icon next to the play button and select “Edit” to upload a new image from your phone’s gallery. If you’re using the web or desktop player, you You can simply open the playlist and click on the existing cover image to replace it with something new.

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