Bengaluru-based Swarathma Group make their NFT debut

Picture this – you’re a music star’s biggest fan. You get access to not only experience his music, but also his creative work beyond the songs he composes. It’s almost like getting your hands on the artists notebook where he wrote the original song lyrics for the first time, maybe a demo recording of a hit number, a piece of art that he sketched in between… all kinds of exclusive works in the digital form of his projects. Sounds amazing, right?

This is exactly how NFTs (non-fungible tokens) work – an individual can invest in and own an exclusive work of art in any form including audio, video, images and sketches in a virtual avatar. Swarathma, an indie-folk rock band based in Bengaluru, is making a foray into NFTs for the first time. For one group, like many others who felt the pangs of the pandemic and only wanted to make the most of it, set foot in NFTs with very little understanding of the blockchain model.

The group is now launching its first collection in association with the NFT Fantico platform. The curated collection includes exclusive experiences and collectibles from the group’s 20-year creative journey. The first collection includes rare demo recordings of their best-known songs, animated versions of their acclaimed artwork, merchandise, and even live experiences.

Band members

Jishnu Dasgupta, bassist and artist manager, thinks one of the reasons for venturing into NFT is that the band were excited about the opportunities of new technology. “We started talking about getting into blockchain five months ago, and like everyone else, we were uninitiated to NFTs and their uses. In fact, I refused to understand blockchain,” he said.

“However, the pandemic has given us time to understand this new space that can reap benefits. The reason we offer these collectibles is that we want our fans to have a lasting memory of the Swarathma experience,” Dasgupta adds.

Some of their works on NFT will include Beta Sweater Pehno’s demo recording, Mushkil Mein Jeena’s artwork creation timelapse, Pyaasi’s music video inspiration story, and their Dus Minute Aur collection titled Sleep With Swarathma.

Interestingly, the process of creating the artwork by Mushkil Mein Jeena, which was time lapse recorded by the artist, can now be held as NFT. Additionally, the band’s latest single, Dus Minute Aur – a party song about sleep deprivation – includes a live virtual performance of the song, a merchandise box with the cool sleep eye pillow, a poster and a sticker with an audio file that can be used as an alarm or ringtone.

“The fact that one of our exclusive and authentic works can be owned is the exciting part of blockchain. Of course, it pays us dividends, but if we don’t do well, we won’t be disappointed,” says Dasgupta.

The virtual avatar

Swathma Essentials:

Beta Sweater Pehno demo recording

Mushkil Mein Jeena Artwork Creation Timelapse

Pyaasi Music Video Inspiration Story

Dus Minute Aur Collection:

Sleep with Swathma

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