Better Business Bureau alerts Internet users to “phishing scams”


BATON ROUGE, La (BRPROUD) – The Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​is warning internet users about “phishing scams” this holiday season. The news was announced in a press release on Monday, November 8, 2021.

Phishing scams are cyberattackers who attempt to steal invaluable information from Internet users by phishing them to click, download or share personal information, including social security, credit card and bank account numbers, from impostors making themselves pass for professionals or companies to scam users.

The statement says that cyber attackers have invented a plethora of tricky ways to make “phishing scams” work for people. BBB warns internet users to beware of red flags that include fake emails or text messages that send out funny price offers or threaten to punish users if they don’t respond with personal information regarding unpaid taxes, a missed jury or deactivated bank account before the deadline.

Other means of phishing are phone calls or imposters, probative questions about accounts or subscriptions, the press release said.

To avoid “phishing scams”, the BBB asks users to follow these tips below:

  • If anything looks suspicious, call the company directly or go directly to the company’s website. Don’t click links in an unexpected email, type the business URL into the browser, or search the web to find the right website.
  • Do not click, download or open anything that is from an anonymous sender. This is most likely an attempt to access your personal information or install malware on your computer.
  • Query generic emails. Scammers cast a wide net by including little or no specific information in their fake emails. Always be aware of unsolicited messages that do not contain your name, the last digits of your account number, or other personal information.

Cyber ​​attackers pray on “victim curiosity” to trick users into clicking or downloading fake advertisement or dangerous material in order to steal personal information from a user’s computers or mobile devices.

For more information on phishing scams, visit or contact the local BBB of South Central LA, Inc President and CEO Carmen Million 225-346-5091 or email [email protected]

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