Big Sean slams Kanye West, says rapper owes him millions

Sean explained how his recording contract with Kanye’s GOOD Music label was “unfair”

Big Sean criticizes his mentor Kanye West for not paying him for his work, claiming that the Donda the rapper owed him “millions”, reported The daily mail.

the Blessings the hit-maker opened up about his strained relationship with Kanye during a lengthy chat on the show Drink Fields, detailing how “unfair” his recording contract with Kanye’s GOOD Music label, which he ended this year, was.

“If you make billions and owe me that money, it probably isn’t nothing to him.” It’s money that changes my life, ”Sean said, adding that Kanye still owed him around $ 6 million.

Sean added that he decided to conduct an audit after Roc Nation CEO Jay Brown described his recording deal as “the worst he’s ever seen.”

“I put at least $ 30 million in this man’s pocket or more and he owes me money and he made billions.”

the Pay attention The rapper added that despite the announcement that he would give them back his artist masters, Kanye still has not given back Sean’s masters.

“It hasn’t happened yet, but it would be very beneficial to me… If I was up there, if I was a man of my word and just didn’t say something to look good at the time,” I would pay my artists to their masters, ”says Sean.

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