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HARTSVILLE, SC – Carolina Fretworks, formerly known as Frets and Necks SC, has been serving the Hartsville community through music lessons and vintage string instrument restoration for over 15 years.

The store’s original owner, Boot Arreola, returned to his hometown of El Paso, Texas, and the store was passed on to Hartsville native Scott Roberts, who is committed to maintaining the legacy. .

Roberts comes from “musical genes”.

Her mother was a longtime choir teacher at Hartsville Middle School, and her father served as a music minister for 22 years at First Baptist Church in Hartsville. Roberts said he originally planned to run the store with a friend, but the friend died in 2019.

He didn’t let this obstacle stop him. He said he felt obligated to keep the store going.

“I felt there was a need in Hartsville because it’s a small town and a lot of businesses like this don’t last long, but we have a lot of support and help here,” did he declare. “The way I show love is through music. I want to make sure that when you walk into my shop you can express what’s inside of you through music. Music is a language that I want to talk to everyone.

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Roberts said he had worked with instruments dating back to the late 1800s.

“If there are cords on it,” he said, “we can fix it.”

He said Hartsville is a musical city.

“Having a place where you can come and learn an instrument and express yourself,” he said. “It’s a nice thing to have here.”

Roberts said Carolina Fretworks was on a mission to maintain the original hallmark of a vintage instrument as much as possible. “Instruments take on the personality of the maker and we strive to honor the original maker’s intent,” he said.

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