Carpenter Brut Releases New Music Video For “The Widow Maker”

RAW CARPENTER have released a new music video!

The new music video, for the song The Widowmakeris taken from the new album by the mysterious French synthwave artist, leather terror, slated for release in April this year. The new single features guest vocals from alexander Westaway of GUNBOATled by the Deka Brothers and the stars Dylan Sprouse like Brett Halford a.k.a Leather The teeth.

Speaking of the new single, RAW CARPENTER said, “Discussing with a musician friend, he told me ‘this song, it makes you want big guitars like RAMMSTEIN‘. Internally I ruled out the guitar option, but for vocals his idea worked for me and I thought it would be cool to have a big industrial voice on this track, like Up to Lindemann for example, but in the end I asked alexander Westaway (from GUNSHP) to sing along to. It’s nothing like Lindemann vocally, but I like alexanderthe androgynous register brian Molko and what he did with the song. There was this interesting, even paradoxical ambivalence between the martial side of the music and alexanderthe voice of , quite pop, which makes this piece both industrial and synth pop. As usual with the singers I work with, I gave alexander a word or two, a theme, and then he came up with his own lyrics. I really like this song, because for me it’s RAW CARPENTER with a mainstream touch.

Let’s talk about video collaboration Dylan Sprouse said, “I sent RAW CARPENTER a comic I made with a note that read ‘As I wrote this entire comic series with your music on loop, I thought it only natural to send you this. I owe you. It was our first time communicating and I believe we’ve found ourselves having a bit of a creative kinship in our various mediums since then. For over a year we talked back and forth to find an opportunity to collaborate on something together, he struck me with the idea of ​​representing Brett Halford in a video of him with the Deka Brothers as directors. We discussed the character, the background, the content and I was instantly into it. Mostly because it gave me the opportunity to get rid of the aggression with an oversized knife and confetti cannons after a few days of shooting, lots of running, lots of stabbing, lots of spiked spikes, platform boots and a sprained ankle during a “bad drug trip” scene. I hope you’ll all be as excited watching this as I was filming it. Long life Brett Halford.”

Watch the official The Widow Maker music video here:

Leather Terror is set for release on April 1 via Universal Music. Pre-orders are available now and can be purchased here.

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