Cayuga County Dining Vouchers Sold Out | Business

With 18,000 hits when it launched, the Cayuga County Restaurant Voucher Program sold all of its inventory online in six minutes.

The Cayuga Counts program went live at 1 p.m. Monday, offering 50% off coupons for 40 participating local restaurants.

Strong public demand for vouchers overwhelmed the third-party website used to administer the program, Legislative Assembly Speaker Aileen McNabb-Coleman told The Citizen.

“Cayuga County unexpectedly overwhelmed the system,” she said.

Cayuga Counts if funded by a small portion of the federal COVID-19 relief funds the county receives.

Those who managed to download vouchers can now take them to restaurants and match that value with their own money to purchase a gift card. For example, someone who downloads a $ 50 voucher will take it to the restaurant, pay $ 50 to the restaurant, and then receive a gift card worth $ 100.

There will also be vouchers reserved exclusively for residents 65 or older who can sign up for vouchers by phone or email if they don’t have internet access or are simply not computer savvy. These residents can call (315) 253-4569 or email [email protected] to request a voucher.

Vouchers expire on September 13, so people will have a limited time to get their vouchers and go to the restaurant to claim their gift card. The gift cards themselves do not have an expiration date.

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