Celebrate the Lunar New Year with new festive Nest Doorbell ringtones

One of the benefits of using a smart doorbell instead of a conventional doorbell is the ability to customize what you hear when someone comes to your door and presses that button. As it did during the 2021 winter holiday season, Google has now made new ringtones available for the Nest Doorbell – this time to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

In a recent tweet, Google announced the availability of two new ringtone options — Dizi Flute and New Year Parade — to help you celebrate. The post also includes a short video showing a preview of how the ringtones sound.

To change your ringtone to one of the holiday tones using the Google Home app, select your doorbell on the home screen and go to settings (the typical cog in the top right). Once there, navigate to Doorbell -> Doorbell theme, and choose the ringtone of your choice. To change it using the Nest app, select your doorbell, tap the settings cog and choose doorbell theme and make your choice. Now you’ll enjoy the fun tone of your doorbell, plus Google Nest speakers and displays throughout your home (if enabled).


The Dizi Flute and New Year Parade ringtones are only available until February 16, so enjoy them while you can.

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