Children, camp and masks … slowly we are getting closer to the full reopening


Yakima County Commissioner Amanda McKinney promised greater transparency when she ran for office and we appreciate that she stays true to that and sees KIT News as an effective partner in the process.

She called the KIT Morning News today (6/23/21) to deliver the final word from the governor’s office on mask requirements for children going to summer camps.

We’ve written about this in the past when the CDC relaxed its recommendations for kids and outdoor activities. At the time, it seemed that Governor Inslee felt his understanding of “science” was different from that of Dr Fauci and that the governor’s guidelines essentially imposed full-time masks on campers, unless eating, drinking, brush your teeth or swim in the lake!

Well, as the temperature hits triple digits, the state reconsidered its tough stance on masks and McKinney announced the good news for families and campers this morning.

The commissioner says the effort was aided by contributions from area camp directors and parents who stood up to remind Olympia that the “science” of Washington state is different from that of anyone. where elsewhere and other states seem to be doing very well with a less draconian approach.

The commissioner also said it was time to end the governor’s emergency “superpowers” and rethink the approach to be taken in future emergencies.

McKinney knows not everyone agrees with her pushback approach, but she would remind them of her responsibility to consider all the different impacts of COVID restrictions. In addition to the purely communicable considerations of COVID, the commission must strike a balance between economics, education, socialization, mental health and more. Its motto is EQUILIBRIUM.

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