Dbrand iPhone skin shows your phone’s internals – that’s quite something

The Nothing Phone launched this week, and the most distinctive thing about the design is a transparent back cover to reveal the device’s internals, along with funky lights. Now you can give your iPhone 13 Pro Max the same look with a new Dbrand skin…

Dbrand iPhone skin imitates Nothing Phone

Dbrand is known for its snark, and the iPhone skin is no exception: the company named it Something, and suggests that something is better than nothing.

The special-edition skin is currently only available for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Pixel 6 Pro, and Samsung S22 Ultra, but the company said The edge that other versions will follow.

Here’s how the company is launching the skin, which is also available as a grip case:

It’s better than nothing.

Minimalism for the masses.

Imagine trying to break into the smartphone market. It turns out that having less money than Apple makes things a bit difficult. Availablity? Limit. Provide? Constrained. Even with a design so compelling that people are paying ridiculous markups at StockX, no one can get their hands on your fancy new flashlight. To top it off, the assholes at dbrand have replicated your design and are doing it for the competition. Sorry Karl.

Some might accuse us of theft. Here’s our counter: we haven’t stolen anything. After all, we’ve spent a lot of time reviewing internal material through our Teardown initiative. As a result, we’re uniquely skilled at snatching an industrial design aesthetic and “creatively reinterpreting” it for other devices. It’s not theft, it’s plagiarism, which is certainly not a crime. We have checked.

Dbrand even mimics the typography of Nothing’s website.

The edge notes that the reference to the legality of the move is another aspect of the brand personality.

Last year, he even received a cease and desist letter from Sony for releasing sideplate replacements for the PS5 after Dbrand encouraged them on the product page with the message “Go ahead, sue take us to court”. Dbrand will later redesign the plates to avoid looking like the official plates, and the product page now titles: “Checkmate, Lawyers”. Whether Nothing will sue Dbrand for Something remains to be seen.

You can buy the skin or the grip-case here. Of course, if you want the look without the skin, you can always use iFixit’s disassembled wallpapers instead.

The phone of nothing (1)

As for the Nothing Phone itself, our sister site 9to5Google says it’s clearly inspired by the iPhone.

From a distance, the Nothing Phone (1) certainly looks like the iPhone 12/13 series but it has two glass panels but manages an IP53 water and dust resistance rating.

The other notable feature on the rear of the Nothing Phone is a series of LED light strips, which the company calls the Glyph interface. Different designs correspond to different ringtones and notification sounds, with other uses as well.

The most striking and important selling point of the Nothing Phone (1) is the “Glyph” light strips under the transparent glass panel on the back of the device. You can’t fully customize the lighting, but instead use pre-made patterns for individual apps or contacts.

  • Ringtones: Pneumatic, Abra, Plot, Beetle, Squirrels, Snaps, Radiate, Tennis, Coded, Scribble.
  • Notification sounds: Oi!, Bulb One, Bulb Two, Guiro, Volley, Squiggle, Isolator, Gamma, Beak, Nope.
  • Charge meter – When using a wired charging cable, the light bar above the USB-C charging port fills up to indicate the current charge level.
  • Google Assistant feedback – The light bar above the USB-C charging port lights up with animations to indicate that the Google Assistant is responding to feedback using the keywords “Hey Google” or “OK ​​Google” .
  • Flip to Glyph – A clone of “Flip to Shhh” in Nothing OS that will set your device to Do Not Disturb, disable vibrations and sounds, and enable light notifications only when placed face down on a surface.
  • Bedtime Schedule – A way to schedule Glyph lighting to be off during bedtime or pre-set times.

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