Discord makes party notifications optional after user backlash

Discord made the jaw-dropping party notifications and ringtone optional after users expressed a lot of aversion to sounds.

As part of what Discord calls “snowsgiving,” every sound in the Discord app has been briefly changed to give the service a more festive feel. A quick look at the Twitter Discord The account shows how unhappy many users were with the sounds, which Discord has now made ‘opt-in’ – meaning it’s off by default.

Comments on the Discord subreddit show that many users were surprised by the change and immediately relieved to hear that the sounds had been turned off.

“I appreciate it,” one user said. “The noises at the start / end of the flow are particularly pleasant. It’s great to have my head cut in half every time I want to share a screen.

“I honestly think if the sounds weren’t so high-pitched and piercing the ears, people would be less upset,” added another.

If you want to re-enable snowsgiving sound effects, you can do so by going to user settings> notifications> select the snowsgiving sound pack. Either way, the ability to hear these sounds probably won’t last long, as they’re tied to the holiday season.

Another recent feature of Discord has encountered widespread user dislike, with founder Jason Citron teasing the integration of cryptocurrency wallets and other blockchain features. This led to many voice users canceling their premium service subscriptions from Discord Nitro, which was followed by Discord stating that it had “no current plans” to integrate crypto into the platform. Although this does not mean that integration will not be attempted in the near future.

In other news, four Xbox Game Pass ads for PC were announced for the Game Awards, each a one-day title for the service.

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