Download the futuristic and slow version of Valida “On Fire”


This week’s download comes from DJ and producer Valida and his EP Mixed Signals. You have seven days to download the song “On Fire”.

Valid | Photo credit: Zoe Sher

Extract from the press release:

There is a Bosnian saying: “Everything you do and whoever you do on New Year’s Eve sets the stage for the following year. On December 31, 2019, Valida, originally from British Columbia (before Covid), based in Los Angeles, decided to stay and play with her new Ableton music software sequencer. When she arrived at 4 a.m., it was in 2020, and the bones and rhythm structure of Do It Again, the first single from her EP Mixed Signals (September 21 via HRMNX / Create Music Group) was done.

Freeform DJ who has led some of LA’s most beloved parties, a remixer, KCRW radio host and producer of live music events, it took a global pandemic for Valida to finally find time for her project. creative. For most of 2020, Valida has been cocooned in her Venice home studio completing Mixed Signals, a genre-hopping EP with a resonant and universal common thread: the desire to connect, via cosmic gateways, stable grooves and filtered synth tapestries. Do It Again is a space wave dream – with sci-fi sound bites and images from a nostalgic childhood journey; On Fire is a future classic of the daytime disco atmosphere; and the title track Mixed Signals is a tribute to Valida’s dusty house music roots.

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