Ed Helms’ College Experience Helped Create Andy’s Season 3 Ringtone

Fans of “Tweedle-lee-dee-dee-dee” from Office! If you heard Andy Bernard’s acapella ringing in your head while reading this sentence, you’ve come to the right place. Ultimately, Ed Helms is almost as musically inclined as the role he played on the NBC series. Find out how Helms’ extracurricular activities in college lent themselves to Andy’s ringer in the Season 3 episode “The Return.”

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Ed Helms was ‘too interested’ in creating Andy Bernard’s ringtone

In the Season 3 episode “The Return”, Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) plays a harmless prank on Andy by hiding his cell phone in the ceiling tiles. When Andy’s phone rings, he hears his acapella rendition of “Rockin’ Robin” but can’t find his phone. Ultimately, Andy’s frustration leads him to punch a hole in the office wall.

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During an episode of office ladies podcast, Helms talked about creating Andy’s ringtone. He’s actually the one singing!

“As Andy says [in the episode], I did it on my home computer,” Helms told her co-stars. “I don’t think they wanted it to be very good, but I was too into it to do less, and I thought Andy would make it as good as possible.” Helms said he spent “a lot of time” playing with Garage Band and recording the four parts, which he called a “pretty simple elemental harmony arrangement”.

Ed Helms’ time in an acapella group helped with Andy’s ringtone in “The Office”

Some Office fans might be shocked to learn of Helms’ experience, albeit brief, in an acapella band. “I was in an acapella group, but only for one semester in college,” Helms said on the podcast. “It wasn’t a big part of who I was – it was for a semester, but then I realized it wasn’t for me.”

As much fun as Helms recorded the ringtone for this episode of Office, it also featured one of the most “intimidating” scenes for the actor. “I remember it was the first time I did something that qualified as a stunt,” Helms recalled on office ladies.

“There was a whole little meeting about how they were going to mark the back of the plasterboard to make it easier for my hand to go through. And then they were going to put up… they put a pad on the inside wall so that when my hand goes through it, I don’t hit the wood or the aluminum or whatever. Also, they had several boards they could stick together just so we could do multiple takes.

The actor added, “It was one of those scenes for me, at the very beginning, and something that I find very exciting, but also a bit intimidating. And I really didn’t want to screw up the punch. Still, Helms was determined to get the shot right with just a few more wall panels ready.

“I didn’t want to be wrong…there were a lot of types of windups to practice, practice swings,” Helms added. “I think we only did two, two or more takes and I scratched my fingers. There was a cushion in there, but I think drilling through the drywall scraped my knuckles. So, yeah, it was pretty intense. Fortunately, he managed to nail the scene in a few takes.

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