Explained: Messi in Barcelona colors soon on MTV


After leading Argentina to the Copa America title, his first for the national team, Lionel Messi is expected to join Barcelona next month when the LaLiga season kicks off. Although his contract has expired, Messi is expected to team up with his friend and compatriot Aguera, Barca’s new signing, up front. And unique this season, the two will show off their magic ball skills on the iconic MTV music channel.

How can Messi & Co appear on a music channel?

LaLiga, Spain’s premier football league, has signed a three-year contract with MTV which stipulates that matches featuring Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid will be broadcast live on the music channel. The deal, which covers the Indian subcontinent, comes into effect when LaLiga’s 2021-22 season kicks off on August 13. It brings another player to the sports broadcasting market in the country.

Why MTV for La Liga?

The deal seals the Spanish league’s return to television screens across India, after a three-year period in which its matches were broadcast on social networking platform Facebook. “It’s a strategic decision (to partner with MTV). LaLiga is always ready to innovate and try new things. In fact, that’s why we worked with Facebook before that, ”said Aakriti Vohra, head of brand properties, La Liga India. The Indian Express.

How can the deal help La Liga gain a foothold in the Indian market?

The English Premier League is the most popular national competition among fans of European football in the country and has been part of the Star Network for decades. He has a very dedicated following with even smaller clubs receiving some sort of follow-up. It is also a much more competitive league and a relatively smaller club like Leicester City may aspire to be champions as well. The German Bundesliga is also broadcast on Star. LaLiga was also once a Star property.

By comparison, the Spanish league is generally dominated by the Big Three – Real, Atletico and Barcelona – with the other teams realistically battling for Champions League or Europa League places. In addition, monitoring of La Liga outside of Europe is largely focused on the individual. Messi is still the biggest name in the league, but with Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Real to Juventus and icons such as Xavi and Andres Iniesta move on, there is a dearth of familiar names in the league when he s is to attract the casual sports fan.

With the MTV deal, La Liga may want to attract a whole new demographic that may not yet be fully won over by the Premier League and could create more stars. “We are confident that we will reach and engage the young audience that MTV as a destination appeals to,” Oscar Mayo, LaLiga executive director, said in a joint press release.

Can MTV’s foray into sports be a game-changer?

Not being a traditional sports channel, MTV may seek to do things a little differently, moving away from the conventional expert-host format for pre- and post-game shows. It may be remembered when Sony Max broadcast high profile cricket tournaments, including two World Cups, and had a distinct entertainment focus in its coverage. The purists took their time getting used to the change, but it brought a whole new dimension and a whole new segment of viewers into the game. If MTV tries something similar, La Liga could gain a foothold in the market. Indian.

Additionally, Viacom18 Media is the conglomerate that includes MTV and the general entertainment channel Colors. In addition to MTV, LaLiga matches will also be broadcast on select national and regional channels in the network and streamed live on the Voot and Jio platforms, providing considerable exposure to the product.

Ahead of the next LaLiga season, Viacom18 plans to launch a “massive marketing and communications campaign, further boosting LaLiga’s fandom and awareness in India.” MTV’s extensive social media and digital influence will ensure LaLiga engages fans through a multiplatform approach, ”the statement added.

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“Viacom18 will leverage its television, digital and social strengths to make LaLiga a household name in the region. “

How can MTV benefit from the deal?

In addition to the strong football properties currently with Star, the Sony network has top competitions – such as the UEFA Champions League, the FIFA World Cup, the European Championships and the Copa America – in its stable.
According to Vohra, “Viacom is also looking to diversify its sports portfolio. There are some big projects involved and we are very excited.

It looks like the latest acquisition, the network’s first major sports property, could be the centerpiece around which the network’s strategy will revolve. “Viacom18 and MTV are committed to creating a healthy La Liga-centric, entertainment-oriented ecosystem, with the aim of further increasing the fandom of the game,” the statement said.

Having a top-tier European league can attract more young people, and therefore older football fans, into its fold.

What does he say about the evolution of MTV since arriving in India?

MTV was the first dedicated music channel when satellite TV entered India in the early to mid-90s. It generally focused on pop music in its early years, before also presenting music. of Hindi movies, videos and other regional languages.

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He then branched out into reality shows like MTV Roadies. The switch to sport is only the latest diversification and confirms the blurring of the boundaries between the genders. Whether it’s music, soap operas, reality shows or sports, everything is considered another form of entertainment.

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