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What does the vaccine requirement mean for federal employees?

President Biden’s Executive Order 14042 and guidelines issued by the Federal Workforce Safety Task Force require “covered employees of federal contractors” to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 no later than December 8.

Who is covered by the federal employee vaccine requirement?

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The federal vaccine requirement applies to all employees who work on or under a federal contract or who work in the same location as employees working on a federal contract. The requirement applies to full-time, part-time and temporary employees, as well as those who work remotely or on flexible working arrangements.

Are students included in the vaccine requirement for federal employees?

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Postdoctoral researchers and graduate students are also subject to the requirement. Subject to other federal guidelines, however, the federal vaccine requirement does not generally apply to all categories of student workers.

What is the Carolina Vaccine Clinic? Who can schedule the vaccines there?

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Who: Undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and staff of UNC-Chapel Hill can be vaccinated at the Carolina Vaccination Clinic. We strongly encourage make an appointment for the vaccine.

Or: Vaccines for students, faculty, and staff are available at the student store pharmacy on the top floor of the UNC student store.

When: Allow up to 45 minutes for the visit. The vaccinated person must remain on site for the duration of your appointment including an observation period. When making an appointment, avoid labor disputes. Cost: There will be no disbursement for those who receive a vaccine. Bring your insurance card; your insurance will cover the administrative costs.

Transport: UNC Student Stores offers ease of access through a range of transportation options.

  • Convenient for cyclists and pedestrians on campus
  • Ten reserved parking spaces on Stadium Drive, overflow parking in Rams Head parking lot (validation provided at vaccination site)
  • City and area transit stops are located immediately next to the vaccination site, including Chapel Hill U, A, FCX, S and GoTriangle 800, 800S, 805, CRX transit routes.

More details: Please contact Campus Health at 919-966-2281 if you have a history of severe allergic reactions or have questions about COVID-19 vaccines or the Carolina student vaccination clinics.

Do I have to pay for the vaccine?

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There will be no disbursement for those who receive a vaccine. Bring your insurance card; your insurance will cover the administrative costs.

What happens after I get my vaccine?

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Congratulations and thank you for doing your part to protect yourself and others. .

What forms of proof of vaccination are accepted?

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Upload a photo of your CDC vaccination status card.

The image of your immunization card should include your full name, date of birth, name of vaccine, dates of administration, and name of the health care professional or clinic administering the vaccine.

This information may be found only on the front or both front and back of your vaccination card. So make sure that the image you provide captures all the required information.

If you lost your vaccination card and received your vaccine in North Carolina, you can log in to NC vaccines portal to download a form that verifies vaccination.

Do employees have free time to get vaccinated or if they experience side effects?

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University policy allows employees up to eight hours per day of paid work for vaccinations performed during regular working hours, with the permission of their supervisor. Employees are also entitled to paid time off for adverse reactions from COVID-19 vaccinations the day or the day after receiving the vaccine. For more information, visit the Office of Human Resources Covid-19 Leave Information Page.

Can people covered by the vaccination obligation request a religious or medical exemption?

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Yes, please visit the Vaccine certification form. There you will find instructions on how to submit your request for a religious or medical exemption. The medical exemption form must be entered and signed by a healthcare professional. Information submitted in connection with these requests will be kept confidential. Questions about the exemption request process can be referred to [email protected].

What is the disciplinary process for employees who do not get vaccinated?

Subject to further direction from the federal government, covered employees who fail to comply with vaccine requirements or who receive an approved exemption may be subject to disciplinary action.

Does the University require that unvaccinated students, faculty, and staff take tests?

The University will continue the Carolina Together Testing (CTTP) program, which requires all students, faculty, and staff who are unvaccinated or fail to provide immunization status to participate in regular asymptomatic assessment testing. Fully immunized students, faculty, and staff are exempt from testing.

Students, faculty, and staff who have not certified that they are vaccinated should take a test once a week as part of the Carolina Together testing program.

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