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This week, Tesla opened access to allow users to download its service manuals, parts manuals and repair guides. free, which is pretty important, especially if you’re the do-it-yourself type. However, we’ve seen this happen before, and it didn’t last long, so download them while you can.

Remember, Tesla’s suite of diagnostic tools and software isn’t free and still costs a pretty penny, so this is just a good first step. Also, Tesla made service manuals free in 2020, but that was just a mistake, and the company quickly shut it down, revoked access to diagnostic tools, and more.

Tesla vehicles continue to fly off the shelves and service centers are overwhelmed, which could be a way to lighten the load on repair shops. However, since Tesla isn’t responding to questions, we don’t know if this is again a mistake, a temporary fix, or the company turning a new page on the privacy rights situation. repair.

Either way, Tesla service manuals are available for free now, and we recommend owners download what they need just in case. Then you’ll have access to things like parts manuals, fix codes, and even select wiring reference guides.

To download the service manual for your Tesla, go to service.tesla.com, open an account with your Tesla Account or create a new one. Then, select the 365-day Service and Repair Information subscription, which costs $0, and you’ll be set. Once you are all registered, search and download all manuals and guides for your specific vehicle.

Tesla doesn’t have the best right-to-repair track record. And although the situation has improved over the years, it could still be better. With the release of these service manuals, owners can try to solve specific problems themselves, and third-party repair shops will have a better understanding of Tesla vehicles.

As a result, it can be easier, and more importantly, faster, for owners to have Tesla vehicles serviced. Since Tesla didn’t quickly disable the download option on the site, this may be intentional. Either way, get the information you need while you can.

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