Google’s new ringtones, alarm tones and signal tones can be downloaded here

Final version Android 12 Is on the doorstep and even Pixel 6 smartphones It’s not too long to come, so there is something new to discover with the latest updates: With the fourth beta of Android 12, Google is now offering new standard tones for the Sounds app, which will replace ringtones, alarms and pixels – smartphones. You can download and listen to them all here.

Google sounds

Many smartphone makers not only add their own background images to their flagships, but often add others when selecting audio. Ring tones, alert tones and alarm tones have long been an integral part of device identification and many users are still happy to be able to browse the large selection of these tones. This will certainly also apply to Google Pixel smartphones, which will receive an audio update for the next generation.

In the fourth and final beta of Android 12, several new ringtones, signal tones and alarm tones were found on the Google Sounds System processor which should be used as standard on Pixel 6 smartphones. So far, they were available on par with previously used audio sounds, but that could change with the introduction of the final version and the Pixel 6 smartphone. Not only the tones but also the names have changed.

If you want to download the bundle right now with several hundred Google Tones, check out this article. If you want to hear new pixel tones and download them (including current versions), scroll to the next paragraph.

Pixel 5A5G Smartphone

Alarmton Alt: Bright morning

New alarm tone: new start

Old sound signal: popcorn

New sound signal: Eurêka

Klingelton Alt: Great success

Ringtone New: Your new record

Download the ringtones separately using the player above. If you want to get all the tones, you can download them as a zip file in Google Drive Download here.

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