Have you installed the EMUI 12 ringtone and call patch update?

Huawei rolls out a set of exclusive features with every new software in the market, and one of these features is Elderly Care (Senior Mode). Users running a Huawei device are loving the new feature as they say “the phone not only needs a kid mode but also a seniors mode.”

Shedding more light on the functionality, the Huawei Senior Mode feature is available for EMUI and HarmonyOS smartphones. Therefore, the main goal of the feature is to make technology easier for seniors.

Senior Mode/Elderly Helper: A Blessing for Seniors

When a user activates Elderly mode, the font of the device becomes larger. With the increased font size, even a visually impaired person could read the words on the screen. The same goes for app icons getting bigger and simpler in elderly mode.

The well-thought-out functionality not only simplifies the task visually but also in audio operations. Keeping the hearing impairment in mind, the feature increases the ringer volume when activated. Thus, a user can easily hear the sound of incoming calls even from a remote location.

Easy to perform operations

Huawei understands how much stability is missing as an individual ages. Therefore, elderly care has the ability to prevent accidental contact. Moreover, it allows users to easily clean their devices and install new programs.

Additionally, the company is in a mood to bolster some of the commonly used apps for seniors. For example, WeChat, video, fluent voice, flashlight, radio, etc. The company can further stabilize the functionality in the coming times. Thus, build a simple smart life for elders.

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