Here’s how to download the new and improved passport QR code for Ontario’s COVID-19 vaccine


Did you receive your vaccine in Ontario? If you’ve been fully vaccinated, you’ll be able to download the province’s new improved vaccine certificate as a QR code this weekend.

The rollout will take place over three days and will be available for download to anyone who has been vaccinated starting October 18 at 6 a.m.

When can I download my QR code?

On Fridays, people born between January and April can download their QR codes on the provincial site. On Saturdays, people born from May to August can follow suit. And on Sundays, fall and winter babies born from September to December can download their QR code.

How do I access my QR code?

To access the code, enter your health insurance card information, your date of birth and your postal code on Ontario’s COVID-19 vaccination record site.

When you get to the next page, select “proof of vaccination”. Then select “Upload your enhanced vaccination certificate”. This should be followed by another pop-up that will display the QR code. The code will be labeled with your full name, date of birth and the dates of your vaccinations as well as the types of vaccines you received.

What should I do after accessing my QR code?

You can print the QR code document if you prefer to physically transport it, but be sure not to bend or crease the part of the QR code as it may become difficult to read. You can also store the code in your smartphone in PDF format by emailing it to yourself.

If you are an iPhone user, you can register it in your Apple Health app by opening your camera and hovering over the QR code. When your phone scans for the code, it opens the document which you can save to your app.

How will it be used in restaurants, gyms?

The province has unveiled a new app for businesses and organizations called Verify Ontario, available for download now and intended to be used to verify the QR codes of COVID-19 vaccine certificates.

Unless you are a business or organization that will need such a tool to verify vaccine passports (or if you are a curious journalist who wants to make sure that the QR code on their enhanced vaccine passport is working properly), you do not need to download the Check Ontario application.

The app scans the QR code on a vaccine certificate issued by the Ontario government.

“After scanning a QR code, the business or organization will see: a green check mark indicating that it meets the vaccine requirements, a red X for an invalid certificate, or a yellow warning indicating that the QR code cannot be read “, we read a description for the application.

What if I was vaccinated outside of Ontario?

If you’ve received one or more of your doses of the COVID-19 vaccine outside of Ontario, the government says you should contact your local public health unit for proper documentation.

The province says that “proof of vaccination may also include a vaccination receipt from another jurisdiction that shows the holder is fully vaccinated against COVID-19. “

What about my private life?

The province ensures that the app does not “ask for a user’s specific location, or collect any information that links specific locations, visitors or businesses to each other” and that the only thing that is tracked is metrics that include the number of scans and valid. , invalid or warning that occur.

What if I haven’t been vaccinated?

If you are not vaccinated or are only partially vaccinated, Ontario says you will not be able to enter businesses and organizations where proof of vaccination is required.

This includes eating indoors at restaurants, gyms, theaters, sports and entertainment venues, and other non-essential businesses.

The same site for downloading your enhanced vaccination certificate can also be used to make your vaccination appointment.

As of Friday, more than 82% of eligible Ontarians had been fully immunized.

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