Holiday gift guide preview: Paul McCartney is readying a massive 7-inch singles box with 80 (count them!) 45s inside for December 2 release

run/press it, and/or you feel the price is right, or too high, high, high. . .

Paul McCartney



1971, Sweden

1A: Another day

1B: Oh woman, oh why

1971, USA Mono

Promotional version

2A: Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey [Mono]

2B: Too many people [Mono]

1971, UK

3A: The back seat of my car

3B: Heart of the country

Unreleased on 7″

4A: Love is strange [Single Edit]

4B: I am your singer

1972, UK

5A: Giving Ireland back to the Irish

5B: Give Ireland back to the Irish [Version]

1972, UK

6A: Mary had a little lamb

6B: Little Woman in Love

1972, Belgium

7A: Hi, hi, hi

7AA: C Moon

1973, Israel

8A: My love

8B: The mess [Live at The Hague]

1973, Sweden

9A: Live and let die

9B: I’m lying

1973, Spain

10A: Helen Wheels

10B: Country Dreamer

1974, Germany

11A: Jet

11B: Let me ride

1974, Germany

12A: Runaway Group

12B: one thousand nine hundred eighty-five

1974, Netherlands

13A: Mrs. Vandebilt

13B: Blue bird

1974, Belgium

14A: Junior Farm

14B: Sally G

1975, Australia

15A: Listen to what the man said

15B: Love in song

1975, Germany

16A: Letting go

16B: You gave me the answer

1975, Belgium

17A: Venus and Mars / Rock Show

17B: Magneto and Titanium Man

1976, France

18A: Silly Love Songs

18B: House cook

1976, Germany

19A: Let them in

19B: Beware my love

1977, Japan

20A: Maybe I’m surprised (Live)

20B: Soily (live)

1977, UK

21A: Mull of Kintyre

21AA: Girls’ School

1978, Germany

22A: Hopefully (DJ Edition)

22B: Countdown Traveler/Cufflink

1978, UK

23A: I’ve had enough

23B: Deliver your children

1978, Netherlands

24A: City of London

24B: I wear

1978, France

25A: Good night tonight

25B: Diurnal and nocturnal suffering

1979, UK

26A: Old Siam, Sir

26B: Spin it

1979, UK

27A: Getting closer

27AA: Baby request

1979, Japan

28A: Arrow Through Me

28B: Old Siam, Sir

1979, UK

29A: Wonderful Christmas

29B: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reggae

1980, UK

30A: To come

30B: Coming soon (live in Glasgow)

30BB: Lunchbox/Odd Sox

1980, UK

31A: Waterfalls

31B: Check my machine

Unreleased on 7″

32A: Temporary Secretary

32B: Secret Friend [7″ Single Edit]

1982, UK

33A: Ebony and Ivory

33B: Rain Clouds

1982, UK

34A: Takeout

34B: I’ll give you a ring

1982, UK

35A: Tug of War

35B: Get it

1983, UK

36A: Say Say Say

36B: Ode to a koala bear

1983, UK

37A: peace pipes

37B: So Bad

1984, UK

38A: No More Lonely Nights (Ballad)

38B: No More Lonely Nights (Reading Version)

1984, UK

39A: We all stand together

39B: We all stand together (buzzing version)

1985, United States

40A: Spies like us

40B: My carnival

1986, USA

41A: Press [Video Edit]

41B: That’s not true

1986, Art reformatted from US 12″ promotional vinyl

42A: Pretty Little Head (Remix)

42B: Write

1986, USA

43A: Strangulation

43B: Angry (Remix)

1986, UK

44A: Only love remains

44B: Hard on a Tightrope

1987, UK

45A: Once upon a long time

45B: Back on my feet

1989, United States

46A: My brave face

46B: Fly Home

1989, UK

47A: This one

47B: The first stone

1989, Australia

48A: Figure of eight [7″ Bob Clearmountain Mix]

48B: Where is the Sun

1989, UK

49A: Party Party

49B: Engraving of works of art

1990, UK

50A: Put it there

50B: Mama’s little girl

1990, Europe

51A: The long and winding road

51B:C Moon

1990, UK

52A: Anniversary

52B: Good sunny day

1990, UK

53A: All My Trials

53B:C Moon

Unreleased on 7″

54A: The world you enter

54AA: Tres Conejos

54B: Save the Child

54BB: The Drinking Song

1992, Europe

55A: Hope of Deliverance

55B: Long leather coat

1993, Germany

56A: Come on people

56B: I can’t imagine

1997, reformatted from 7″ picture disc

57A: Young boy

57B: I’m looking for you

1997, reformatted from 7″ picture disc

58A: The world tonight

58B: Used to be bad

1997, reformatted from 7″ picture disc

59A: Beautiful night

59B: Love Falls Apart

1999, UK

60A: No other baby

60B: Handsome man with brown eyes

60BB: Fabulous

2001, Europe

61A: From lover to friend

61B: Drive to Jaipur

2004, Europe

62A: Tropical Island Hum

62B: We all stand together

2005, Europe

63A: Fine line

63B: Rise, fall

2005, Europe

64A: Jenny Wren

64B: Summer 59

Unreleased on 7″

65A: Dance tonight

65B: Dance Tonight [Demo]

Unreleased on 7″

66A: Nod your head

66B: 222

2007, Europe

67A: Past always present

67B: House of Wax (Live)

Unreleased on 7″

68A: Sing the Changes

68B: Nothing too just out of sight [Radio Edit]

Unreleased on 7″

69A: (I want) to go home

69B: (I want) to go home [Demo]

Unreleased on 7″

70A: My Valentine

70B: Get yourself another fool

2012, USA

Christmas kisses

71A: The Christmas Song (chestnuts roasted over an open fire)

71B: Wonderful Christmas

Unreleased on 7″

72A: New

72B: Early Days

Unreleased on 7″

73A: Queen’s Eye

73B: Save Us

Unreleased on 7″

74A: Hope for the Future

74B: Hope for the Future [Thrash Mix]

Unreleased on 7″

75A: At a Glance

75B: Walk in the park with Eloise

2018 global

76A: I don’t know

76AA: Come to me

Unreleased on 7″

77A: Who Cares

77B: Fuh you

2019 global

78A: Home tonight

78AA: in a hurry

Unreleased on 7″

79A: Find My Way

79AA: Winter Bird / When Winter Comes

Unreleased on 7″

80A: Women and Spouses

80B: Women and Wives (St. Vincent Remix)

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