How to change the ringtone on your Nest Doorbell for the new party options


If you have a Google Nest doorbell, it’s pretty straightforward to change your device’s ringtone. In addition to the classic “ding dong” sound, the Nest doorbell can be customized to play a variety of other ringtones that you can set from the Nest app. Google also rolls out a few seasonal ringtones from time to time during the festive seasons, the latter being themed based on upcoming Halloween festivities. Google gives you the option to change your traditional ringtone to spooky sounds to match the Halloween vibe. While Google has offered festive ringtones in the past, this year they offer six “evergreen” ringtones that can be used even after the holiday season has ended.

If you want to change the sound your doorbell makes when someone is at your house, here’s how to change the ringtone on your Nest Doorbell.

How to change the ringtone on your Nest Doorbell

Nest doorbell

The procedure for changing the ringtone on your Nest Doorbell is fairly straightforward. You can change the sound of your doorbell by following these steps and if you have other Nest speakers at home, the changed ringtone can also be played through them. Also note that some ringtones are seasonal and can only be used when Google makes them available.

For example, Halloween themed ringtones like evil laugh, skeletal dance, creepy crow, ghostly hu, howling werewolf, cackling witch, etc. will go live on October 1, 2021 and will stay until October 31, 2021. You can only use these tones during this phase. This time around, Google is also offering a few tones throughout the year if you have the wireless version of the Nest Doorbell so these can be applied at any time. You can continue to use these ringtones throughout the year on your wireless Nest Doorbell instead of reverting to the original sound by default after October 31.

Here’s how you can change your Nest Doorbell’s ringtone to one of the new permanent options:

  • Update your Google Home or Nest app to the latest version to receive all the new tones that Google is rolling out.
  • Launch the Nest app or Google Home on your smartphone to access the doorbell settings.
  • Select the doorbell whose ringtone you want to change.

Nest doorbell settings

  • Go to the device Settings where you will find the option to choose a ringtone of your choice.
  • Select the ringtone and you’re done.

Nest doorbell

If you are using a time-limited ringtone, the sound will default to your old tone after the time has elapsed. Beware of specially themed Google ringtones that continue to roll out throughout the year. Changing to these ringtones will give your home a unique feel every time you have a visitor.

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