How to Create a Custom Focus Mode on iPhone


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Check out how to create custom focus mode on iPhone

Concentration is the most important skill when it comes to telling the difference between success in life or the constant loss of your goals. However, it is a skill that a lot of people do not want to develop. Fortunately, Apple wants to make it easier to focus with the release of iOS 15.

Using several powerful tools, iOS 15’s Focus feature can filter notifications and apps based on what you want to focus on at any given time. With personalized or suggested focus modes, your iPhone can help you achieve your goals instead of turning away from them.

Here are the steps to activate and customize the focus mode on iPhone

How to activate a focus

  • write the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Go to the Focus subsection.
  • Tap a provided focus option, such as Do Not Disturb, Personal, or Standby, and then enable focus.
  • After choosing a focus, select options such as allowed notifications, urgent notifications, and focus status.
  • When setting up a focus, you can select which notifications are allowed from people and apps. You can also enable urgent notifications for apps, allowing apps that are not on your allowed list to send notifications marked as urgent.

How to set up a custom focus

  • Open the Settings app, then go to the Focus subsection.
  • Tap the Add button option and then tap Customize or look for additional options.
  • Now enter a name for your Focus.
  • Choose a color and an icon to represent your goal, then tap Next.
  • Customize the options for your Focus.

How to allow urgent notifications and emergency calls

  • Open the Settings app, then go to the Focus subsection.
  • Select the Focus, then tap Apps under Allowed Notifications.
  • Activate Temporal.
  • Open Contacts and select a contact.
  • Tap Edit, tap Ringtone or Text tone, then turn on Ignore emergencies.
  • Touch Done.

Final words: How to create a custom focus mode on iPhone

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