How to Extract Audio from Video in Windows 10 2022

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Check how to extract audio from video on Windows 10

Sometimes when you are watching an MP4 file, movie or animation, you can enjoy the audio clip in the video file. And other resources may not be available for the audio file. Whether it’s all the background music or a few classic lines, we all wanted a tool that simplified the process of extracting audio from video in Windows 10. A common dilemma is when you have a video but you only want the audio part. Maybe it’s the music from the video you want in MP3 format, or something from YouTube you want to listen to instead of watch. There are a number of tools you can use when you want to extract audio, ringtone or background music from a video file.

The extracted audio clip can be used in our homemade YouTube videos, can be used for dubbing or any other relevant purpose. If you are in the same category as these avid users and also want to extract audio from video, all you need is quality audio extractor software to extract music from video. There is a high demand for extracting audio from video when you want to use the audio as background music for another recording, turn a video into a podcast, transfer a video to an MP3 player, or enhance audio with a additional audio editor.

How to Extract Audio from Video in Windows 10

VLC Media Player

VLC is one of the popular media players among millions of users. And while the app looks simple with a blank playback screen and a few buttons, it’s so much more. Apart from playing almost all video and audio files, VLC has some cool tricks up its sleeve, and one of them includes easy conversion of videos to audio files. Moreover, VLC offers apps for almost all popular operating systems including Windows 10, macOS, and Linux. To extract audio from a video using VLC media player, follow these steps.

  • Launch VLC media player on your computer.
  • With the default screen open, tap on Media located in the top left corner.
  • Click Convert/Save. An “Open Media” dialog box will appear.
  • In this window, click Add and select the video file you want to extract audio from. You can select multiple video files in this window.
  • To confirm, select Open and click Convert/Save.
  • Now select the type of audio file you want VLC to convert. For example, MP3, FLAC, OGG, etc.
  • Select the destination folder, audio bitrate (the higher the better) and click Start.

Online audio converter tool

Online Audio Converter is a good option for those who don’t want to install any app to extract audio on their devices. Online Audio Converter supports almost all types of video files, from MP4 to MKV, and can even import files from cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox. An added benefit of converting video to audio online is that it doesn’t use any of your computer’s resources. Online Audio Converter is fast, simple, free and easy to use.

  • Click Open Files. Select the video file you want to convert. You can even select videos stored in Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Select the output format. For example, MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc.
  • Select the audio bit rate. Again, the higher the better.
  • Optionally, you can edit track information and play with advanced settings.
  • Click Convert.


Audacity is the most reliable free and open source digital audio recording and editing software. Along with converting video files to audio, the software offers a set of powerful tools that also allow you to edit these audio files. Audacity is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

  • Start Audacity on your computer.
  • Click File in the upper left corner, choose Import and select the video file you want to extract audio from.
  • Select the part of the video you want to export as audio.
  • Click File in the upper right corner and choose the Export button from the context menu.
  • Select the output format of the audio file, then select the location where you want to store the audio file.
  • Click the Save button.

online converter

Online Converter is another tool to convert video to audio. The website does not offer many options to play. It’s a pretty simple and neat user interface with only two buttons, one for download and one for upload, but it gets the job done. With this website, you can even convert one type of audio file to another format.

  • Open the Online Converter website on your desktop and click Download to select the source file.
  • Optionally, you can select the audio bitrate by clicking the Options button.
  • Click Convert to start the conversion. The download should begin almost immediately, although this may depend on the download speed of your internet connection.

Final Words: How to Extract Audio from Video in Windows 10

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