How to Get Credit Fastest in a Day

How to get a loan? – is a question that each of us has asked at least once in our lives. And judging by the Croats, he did not ask us for financial assistance from the banks.

Croatian citizens have a debt of HRK 117 billion in loans, with the largest share in housing loans. This is not surprising, given that real estate purchases have resumed in recent years. Everyone who faced it wondered how to get a quick loan.

How to get a loan? Make a plan for your income and expenses

How to get a loan? Make a plan for your income and expenses

The first step if you are wondering how to get a loan is to look at your financial situation. Put on paper your total income, expenses you incur and your existing debts. Write down at least the monthly expenses you pay, see if there is anything left in your home budget, and think about whether you can fill it with part-time jobs.

You can save on everything, the monthly membership fee you pay for a gym you don’t use, the fuel for your car, even though you can bike to work, and all the food you waste in vain. But to know what you can save, you first need to know what you are spending and where your money is going.

Check the market offers


Once you have done this, check the bank offers. Today, various loans and options such as quick loans without paperwork can be found on the market. Don’t limit yourself to one bank, take quotes from several of them and see with your employees whether the terms offered online match what is really on offer. Sometimes these are just short-term offers, so changes in interest rates and length of the repayment plan are possible.

In addition to banks, credit houses also offer loans. It works most often from borrowing money online and smaller amounts which are a great source of income when you find yourself in a financial slump.

Credit is the most important thing with banks


If you are wondering how to get a loan from a bank, keep in mind that unlike credit houses, they are required to check the creditworthiness of the loan seeker. And what lies behind that term ?! Credit indicates the estimated likelihood that a customer will be able to settle their debts within the agreed time. The assessment takes into account the regular earnings of the client, the employer the client is employed with, the type of employment, that is, whether the client is employed for a fixed or indefinite period. Equally, care is taken to ensure that the client regularly settles his or her existing debts, whether he or she already has the status of guarantor or co-debtor, and how much the client maintains.

After a thorough review, and before granting a loan, banks will also check the HROK Credit Report, which contains information on credit obligations, the regularity of repayment of existing liabilities, security instruments, contingent liabilities on behalf of the guarantor or the co-debtor and the like.