How to switch from Android to iPhone – simple tips for new models

IF YOU are considering switching from Android to iPhone, these tips might help you ease your transition.

Switching from Android to Apple can be tedious as you are not only changing your device but also the device’s operating systems.


Switching from Android to iPhone doesn’t have to be intimidating with these tips

What to do before switching

Before you switch to iPhone, you’re going to want to think about what you’ll need to make your switch easier, and likewise, what you won’t need.

For example, you will probably need to get rid of your Android phone case, phone charger, and docking station.

Your other phone accessories (i.e. headphones, speakers) should be able to be kept, especially if they work over Bluetooth.

You’ll also want to back up all of your phone’s data before making the change – this is imperative to make sure you don’t lose your contacts or your photo.

To do this, go to your Android device’s settings and click on Accounts & sync.

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Under Accounts, check “Auto-sync data”, then tap Google.

After that, click on the Gmail ID you used to log into the phone and activate all the options so that all your Google related information (contacts, photos, app data) syncs with the cloud.

Finally, go to Settings> Backup & reset> Back up my data.

Use Apple’s Move to iOS app

Let’s just say that Apple doesn’t bother any new customers, especially those who are switching from Android.

The tech giant has created a comprehensive app (Move to iOS) that makes it easy to transfer contacts, message history, photos, videos, web bookmarks, email accounts, and calendars.

Simply download the app, install it on your old Android phone, and follow the instructions to clone the desired content to your new iOS device.

Configure your new iPhone

Now that your data is transferred securely (and stored in the cloud), you can get rid of your old Android phone and start setting up / customizing your new iPhone.

You can personalize your device by choosing your wallpaper (static or live), changing your ringtone, and configuring Siri, all in Settings.

You can start browsing and downloading any apps you want from Apple’s App Store.

You can rearrange the apps on your home screen however you like by simply clicking and holding them until they move, letting you know they’re ready to move.

Your new device should also prompt you to configure your iCloud account in Settings to make sure your phone and data back up automatically.

Backup your Android data in settings


Backup your Android data in settings
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