How to Transfer Amazon Music to Apple Music


You cannot use Amazon Music or Apple Music directly to transfer music. Instead, you must use a third-party service, such as Soundiiz, Tune My Music, or another option. To transfer your music, create an account with the music transfer service of your choice, select Amazon Music as the source and Apple Music as the destination, then let the service access your music accounts to complete the process.


How to Transfer Your Amazon Music Playlist to Apple Music

Although you cannot use Amazon Music or Apple Music itself to transfer your music, you can use third-party services to do so. There are many you can choose from, and here are a few:

For this guide, we will use Soundiiz as an example. To use it to move your music from Amazon Music to Apple Music, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Start now on the Soundiiz website.
  2. Choose a login method that suits you, such as Google, Facebook, or create a new account with Soundiiz.
  3. Click on Let’s go.
  4. Select Amazon Music and login to your account.
  5. Take Apple Music and login to your account.
  6. Choose Amazon Music as the source and select the playlists you want to transfer.
  7. Set Apple Music as destination.
  8. Soundiiz will ask you to authorize it to access Apple Music and Amazon Music.
  9. You will see a screen telling you how long the transfer should take.
  10. After the transfer is complete, you can see if there were any errors or missing songs during the transfer process.

Once the process is complete, your Apple Music playlist should contain the songs from your Amazon Music account. Analyze the list to make sure it is correct. If you notice any missing elements, you can correct them manually.

Finally, you can revoke access from the service you used to transfer your songs after you’re done. For Amazon Music, you can do this by logging into your account management page and clicking Remove. For Apple Music, you can do this in the For you tab > Tap your profile picture > Apps with access on iOS or For you > Click on the three-dot menu > Settings on macOS and revoke access to the transfer service.

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Yes, because to transfer songs, you need to give the music transfer service access to your accounts. Fortunately, you can revoke access as soon as the process is complete.

It’s up to you, but if you no longer want to pay for the old service, you must cancel it. However, make sure to cancel it after completing the transfer process, otherwise you may lose access to all your songs.

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