How to Transfer Playlists from Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, YouTube, Deezer, Qobuz to Apple Music

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Here is how you can transfer your music playlist to Apple Music from different platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

Whether you are a musician or a simple listener, creating a playlist dedicated to your favorite songs is a must, especially if you want to use them for the long term.

For example, many music streaming services offer a subscription in exchange for exclusive benefits. If you want to transfer your Spotify playlist to Apple Music, for example, you might want to install software that can copy all your data to another stash.

Besides the Swedish platform, here is how you can transfer your songs from another music app to Apple Music.

Spotify Playlist to Apple Music

Before transfer your songs to another platform, you need to download Tune My Music first or Soundizz for easy transfer as Apple has no built-in functionality for such process.

After installing one of the two apps, you can start the transfer. First, you need to choose the specific playlist from Spotify which will be transferred to Apple Music.

Then you will receive a prompt asking for permission to give the information for your playlist. Run the program, and that’s it.

At any time, you can cancel your authorizations for Soundizz or Tune My Music.

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Tidal Playlist to Apple Music

On the Tidal app, you can refer to the same process with Spotify. Choose Soundizz as your file transfer service and tap all the playlists you want to move to Apple Music.

You will be asked with permission from Soundizz to perform operations in Apple Music and Tidal. Once you are there, the magic of track relocation will now begin. Don’t forget to check if the playlist contains all the songs you need.

Amazon Music Playlist to Apple Music

Amazon Music users could use the first two processes as a reference.

First, you need to have Soundizz or any related service. Tap your source, which in this case is Amazon Music. Choose all the playlists you are going to move and select Apple Music as the location to move them.

The third-party app permission will appear. Confirm it at file transfer for your songs.

YouTube Music Playlist to Apple Music

Again, this was a fairly straightforward process. Use Soundiiz and press youtube music as the origin of your playlist. Click on all the playlists you want to import into Apple Music.

Allow third-party apps to run to begin the process of transferring your playlists.

Deezer playlist to Apple Music

To start the process, Deezer users need to install Soundizz and from there select the desired playlist which will be moved to Apple Music.

Again, allow third-party apps to receive a file transfer prompt.

Qobuz playlist to Apple Music

On the Soundizz site, select Qobuz as the playlist source and start choosing the playlists you want to transfer. Select Apple Music as the destination for playlists.

Approve Soundiiz permission to start transferring tracks to Apple Music.

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