Huawei P30 series (EMUI 12) receives a new fix for the ringing problem

Earlier this month, Huawei began rolling out the April 2022 software update for global owners of Huawei P40 series smartphones running on EMUI 12. Now, Huawei P40 series users in Europe have started receiving the April 2022 update via OTA support.

According to the information, the Huawei P40 series device receiving the April 2022 update in Europe includes P40 and P40 Pro. However, the latest update for the P40 series is rolling out with EMUI 12 version (C432E3R6P5).

Therefore, owners of corresponding devices need to download the software package size of about 341 megabytes. Also, the base version required to get the latest update is EMUI

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What’s new:

This software update is divided into two packages in which the first includes the EMUI security patch released in April 2022 for better system security. While the latter brings system stability improvements for smoother performance.

Patch Notes:

As always, the update is rolling out in batches and gradually rolling out to other regions. So, wait patiently, the update can come to your device at any time. Also, before updating, make sure your phone should be 30% charged and have enough storage.

Update steps:

Just go to settings, tap system and update, then software updates. From there tap CHECK FOR UPDATES and let the phone connect to the server and fetch the latest update for you. Once the update is displayed on the screen, tap on download and install.

On the other hand, you can also update through the My Huawei app, open the My Huawei app, tap on the support section and then tap on the update icon. Now you will be redirected to the update page. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform the update.

New firmware details:

  • Latest software version: EMUI update from
  • Update size: 341 MB


Update package 1:

  • Installs the security patch released in April 2022 to improve system security.

Update package 2:

  • This update improves system stability in certain scenarios.

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