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Phone, keys, wallet. You check every time you leave the house, but is that really all you need? If you want to be prepared for anything, you might want to add a thing or two to your daily haul. We have a few suggestions, and right now you can get them for an extra 15% off at our VIP sale. Just use promo code VIP15 at checkout.

Dash Bando Slim Utility Wallet

This Kickstarter funded wallet lets you take the big offs. Made from heavy-duty Saffiano canvas, it features a pull tab that accommodates up to ten cards in a compact wallet size and two quickdraw slots for easy access.

Get the Dash Bando Slim Utility Wallet for $ 11.89 (reg. $ 25) with promo code VIP15.

Original KeySmart ™ compact key fob

Still ringing when you walk around? It’s time to condense those keys into a more organized pocket. KeySmart is the ingenious pocket that allows you to hold up to six keys in one easily accessible pocket.

Get the original KeySmart ™ compact keychain for $ 13.59 (reg. $ 21) with promo code VIP15.

GOVO® T4 badge holder / wallet

Wear a badge? Give it a little more protection and accessibility with this brush holder and wallet combo. Not only will it contain your badge, but it will give you access to your most frequently used cards.

Get the GOVO® T4 badge holder / wallet for $ 15.29 (reg. $ 24) with promo code VIP15.

Chargeworx Magnetic Wallet for iPhone 12

Combine your wallet and phone with this magnetic iPhone 12 wallet. The versatile wallet has a rear compartment to store your IDs and credit cards and connects via a magnetic holder.

Get the Chargeworx Magnetic Wallet for iPhone 12 for $ 18.69 (reg. $ 24) with promo code VIP15.

Multi-tool Geekey

Stay ready for any type of repair with this innovative multi-tool. It combines wrenches, screwdriver bits, and even a hose into one small, seamless tool that fits your keychain. Seriously, you can smoke with it!

Get the Geekey Multi-Tool for $ 19.54 (reg. $ 55) with promo code VIP15.

Compact and sturdy KeySmart ™ key fob

Designed for a more rugged lifestyle, this KeySmart Edition is constructed with thicker aircraft aluminum plates for added durability and a pocket clip to ensure your keys are always close to hand. In addition, it includes a bottle opener and a loop to attach your car keys.

Get the compact and sturdy KeySmart ™ key fob for $ 21.24 (reg. $ 34) with promo code VIP15.

Safetul: 3-in-1 Copper Alloy Multi-Tool

Concerned about the prevalence of germs? Never touch a public surface again with this copper alloy multi-tool. It acts as a door opener, button push, stylus, and bottle opener to help protect you from germinated surfaces.

Get Safetul for $ 21.24 (reg. $ 29) with promo code VIP15.

Flagship 10-in-1 mini multi-tool

This 10-in-1 multi-tool includes needle nose pliers, knife, can opener, wire cutter and more, all in a stainless steel design. It is compact for easy storage and designed for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing or any other outdoor activity.

Get the Mini Flagship 10-in-1 Multifunction Tool for $ 25 (reg. $ 49) with promo code MULTITOOL10.

RAZOR: this is not your average box cutter

This Kickstarter-funded cutter is the first of its kind designed for everyday transport. Not only is it a box cutter, but it’s also a pocket knife, can opener, bottle opener and more on a sleek black 440C stainless steel design.

Get the RAZOR for $ 25.49 (reg. $ 35) with promo code VIP15.

KeySmart ™ Nano Torch XL Compact Penlight

Shine a little light in a jiffy with this smart pen light. It looks like a pen and has a clip to stick to your jeans, but it provides a touch of light whenever you need it.

Get the KeySmart ™ Nano Torch XL compact penlight for $ 28.04 (reg. $ 39) with promo code VIP15.

Inverted lighter Dissim

Hate burning your fingers every time you try to light a candle? This ingenious lighter uses simple but effective tactics to protect your fingers and improve your lighting ability. It’s just back!

Get the Dissim Reverse Lighter for $ 33.99 (reg. $ 48) with promo code VIP15.

KeySmart ™ Pro 14-Key Organizer with Tile Smart Location

The cream of the KeySmart culture, this incredible organizer holds up to 14 keys in a pocket without adding bulk to your daily carry. Plus, it’s integrated with Tile Smart Location, so if you ever lose your keys, you can use your phone to find them.

Get the KeySmart ™ Pro 14-Key Organizer with Tile Smart Location for $ 36.54 (reg. $ 59) with promo code VIP15.

KeySmart ™ Nano Torch Twist LED Flashlight

You never know when you might need a light. This flexible little flashlight ensures that you always have one handy. It’s even mountable so you can use it as a ceiling light when camping or working in a dark garage.

Get the KeySmart ™ Nano Torch Twist LED Flashlight for $ 42.49 (reg. $ 59) with promo code VIP15.

Cyclist Card Everyday Carry Multi-Tool

A must-have multi-tool for cyclists, this nifty slate incorporates several tools, including a tire lever, hex keys and a straightening fork. It slips easily into your wallet, satchel or keychain to keep you ready for anything.

Get the Daily Rider Card Daily Transport Multi-Tool for $ 62.04 (reg. $ 90) with promo code VIP15.

KeySmart Max Keychain

For people with just too many keys to manage, the KeySmart Max offers elite organization of up to 14 keys. Plus, it has a bright flashlight, multi-tool, phone locator, and built-in extra loud ringer for your ultimate convenience.

Get the KeySmart Max keychain for $ 76.49 (reg. 119) with promo code VIP15.

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