Kim Possible: 8 Things About The Disney Channel Show I Still Think About

In many ways, the Disney Channel animated series, Kim Possible, was ahead of its time. Kim was girly and pretty, and faced the same issues that all average, basic high schoolers have to deal with, but that didn’t take away from the fact that she was saving the world every week.

When I was little, a show about girls saving the world was just what I needed. Maybe that’s why I still fondly remember the show as one of the best kids’ shows the Disney Channel has ever made.

Almost 20 years later, here are the things about Kim possible which I still think about today.

Kim Possible in the show's theme song,

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“Call Me, Beep Me” is the best theme song of all time

Kim’s ringtone could snap me out of a coma. The iconic theme song of Kim possible was recorded by Christina Milian, who shared in a 2015 interview with Vice that “[she] never realized the show would give [her] so much exposure. If you forgot the song, it’s really still a bop:

The song was track #1 on Radio Disney Jams Vol. 5 and played endlessly on Radio Disney, making it a childhood anthem for Disney children everywhere.

Drakken and Shego on Kim Possible

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The girls run the show

Kim Possible was a strong female role model for little girls who watched the show, but the whole show is filled with smart, badass women who are arguably smarter than their male counterparts.

Take for example Kim’s main enemy, Drakken (voiced by John DiMaggio, who also voiced Bender on Futurama, despite her absence from the show’s upcoming revival). He is utterly incompetent without the help of his partner in crime, Shego, a superhuman villain with the power of glowing energy that radiates from his hands.

And, although Ron is a loyal sidekick to Kim, she often has to save him in the midst of battling evil. His surname is literally Stoppable. Don’t get me wrong, girls Kim possible eclipse the boys in every way.

Kim's family at Mother's Day on Kim Possible

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Everyone needs parents as supportive as Dr and Dr Possible

Speaking of strong female role models, Kim’s mother (voiced by Jean Smart, the star of one of HBO’s top comedies, hacks) is a neurosurgeon. Not to be overlooked is his father (voiced by Gary Cole), a rocket scientist.

Kim’s parents are supportive of her efforts, whether she’s fighting evil or cheerleading. They respect her decisions and see her as a person able to make those decisions.

Even though Kim’s dangerous adventures take him around the world, there’s nothing a little paternal motivation can’t help – his father’s mantra, ‘Nothing is impossible for a possible’, applies as much about saving the world from super-villains as dying a pesky math test or dealing with a high school bully.

Bonnie the Cheerleader from Kim Possible

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Why was Bonnie so mean?

Bonnie Rockwaller is one of Kim’s teammates on the cheerleading squad. Kim is the captain of the team, which is the main source of Bonnie’s animosity towards her.

I get that Bonnie is meant to represent the evil that Kim has to fight in her usual life, but I’m confused. Kim has never had a secret identity – it’s common knowledge at school that she saves the world and fights bad guys. So why doesn’t Bonnie show him some respect?!

If I had to name just one complaint with Kim possible, it would be the meanness between Bonnie and Kim. I wish the writers had found a way to give Kim some teenage strife without pitting the two girls against each other.

Ron Stoppable eating at Bueno Nacho in Kim Possible

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Cartoon nachos never looked so delicious

One of the most popular places to hang out in Middleton is Bueno Nacho, a Mexican restaurant with a sombrero-shaped roof. If you’ve ever played the game, Bueno Rufus, on an empty stomach, you’ll understand why I wanted to eat there so badly.

The fries looked so crispy. The salsa looked so thick. The cheese looked so cheesy. The Naco looked… okay, the Naco looked a little less appetizing. However, if you are a fan of the YouTube series Binging with Babishchef Andrew Rea has created an actual version of Naco that you can make at home:

Do you want one. Don’t deny it. Never before has a cartoon inspired such delicious real-life cuisine!

Kim and Shego fight on Kim Possible

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Is it just me or did Kim and Shego have a lot of… tension

Alright, bear with me. Shego has superhuman powers and can burn steel with minimal effort. So… why doesn’t she ever kill Kim?

I am not alone in this theory—many Kim possible fans have speculated that Kim and Shego are coded queer. They certainly never share a kiss or speak romantically to each other, but their fight scenes are much more like Batman and Catwoman than Batman and the Joker.

Also, Shego got her powers when she was hit by a rainbow comet…that’s as queer coded as it gets in my opinion.

Rufus the naked mole rat in the song video

(Image credit: Disney)

OK, I did the research. It’s technically not illegal to own a naked mole rat in the state of Colorado (where Kim and Ron live), but it’s also not recommended. Luckily, Rufus isn’t your basic average mole rat.

Ron’s pet Rufus frequently assists in Kim and Ron’s missions. If you need someone to chew on a wire or climb into a small space, Rufus is your man. He is also the only existing naked mole-rat to have a theme song:

Rufus’ signature squeaks and chirps were voiced by Daytime Emmy nominee Nancy Cartwright, who is best known for her work as the voice of Bart on The simpsons. She helped give all of his sounds enough personality to show that keeping Rufus as a pet was basically like having a really smart dog.

Kim and Ron's kiss at the end of Kim Possible: So The Drama

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The kiss at the end of Kim possible: the drama therefore changed my life

At the end of the second Kim Possible movie, Kim and Ron kiss for the first time at prom. I was seven years old when Kim Possible: So the drama premiered on the Disney Channel, so that kiss was without a doubt the most sensual thing I had ever seen in my young life.

It’s a great cartoon kiss, and while I really wanted Kim to kiss other characters on the show (see the Shego section), it was a fitting end to Kim and Ron’s relationship.

Episodes of Kim possibleincluding Disney Channel Original Movies Kim Possible: A Point in Time and Kim Possible: So the drama, are available to stream with a Disney+ subscription. (There’s also a Kim Possible live-action movie that premiered in 2019, but maybe don’t watch it. It’s incredibly disappointing for OG fans.)

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