Klondike celebrates 100 years with a fan contest, collaboration with Cake Boss

In honor of 100 years of delicious history, Klondike is collaborating with Cake Boss Buddy Valastro to create a 10-tier anniversary cake inspired by the bar’s flavor portfolio.

Together, Klondike and Valastro ask fans what they would do for a unique Klondike birthday cake, a version of the famous “What would you do for a Klondike bar?” clink.

Klondike celebrates its 100th anniversary with the ultimate cake created by “The Cake Boss”, Buddy Valastro. – PRNEWSFOTO/KLONDIKE

“Cakes are such a special and meaningful way to make memories and celebrate every birthday. I’ve been eating Klondike Bars since I was a kid, so I was so excited to help the brand celebrate its 100th anniversary,” said said Valastro “This is, without a doubt, the ultimate birthday cake – I was inspired to capture the fun, witty spirit of the brand and all the sweet memories and milestones that Klondike has been a part of. over the past 100 years.”

Until July 16, fans can enter to win their own Klondike 100th Anniversary Cake by posting a photo or video to Instagram of themselves doing the “What Would You Do For A Klondike” challenge with #4aKlondike100Sweepstakes and tagging @klondikebar in the caption. Challenges include making a bow tie from Klondike bar wrap, making Klondike hotpot, ringing the Klondike and many more.

On July 17 — which is National Ice Cream Day — Klondike will host pop-ups in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago to give away free frozen treats. Pop-up venue fans will also have the chance to claim their own Klondike 100th Anniversary Cake. And a winner of a Klondike cake from Instagram or a pop-up location also has a chance to win the Klondike Kard which comes with coupons and a check for $11,820 for free Klondike treats for 100 years.

Klondike 100th pop-up truck

On National Ice Cream Day (July 17), Klondike will host pop-ups in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago to give away free frozen treats. – PRNEWSFOTO/KLONDIKE

“Klondike has been recognized as the original challenger brand and champion of spontaneous fun, thanks in part to our timeless jingle and ‘What would you do?’ challenges. “. What better way to celebrate this amazing birthday status and milestone than with the ultimate challenge and reward of being part of our unique birthday celebration,” said Russel Lilly, Managing Director of Unilever Ice Cream for the whole of North America, Klondike’s parent company. “We look forward to continuing to spark fun times and bring joy to fans across the country with Klondike for another 100 years.”

Unilever’s US operations are based in Englewood Cliffs.

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