Latest Android Auto updates make CarPlay look ridiculous


And without a doubt, this was true on many levels, especially since every Android Auto update was more or less a Russian roulette wheel. While for some people they made major improvements, others ended up struggling even with small things like playing music or using a voice command to set up a new destination in Google Maps.

Times have changed, however, and now CarPlay is no longer just more reliable than Android Auto, but Google’s app is also getting more and more improvements at an impressive rate.

In other words, Google has managed to make Android Auto the preferred choice of more drivers, and while there is no data regarding the adoption of CarPlay, the investments made by the car giant. Mountain View-based research on the automotive experience front is clearly paying off. .

Google itself claims that there are over 100 million cars using Android Auto wirelessly, and the figures are only for vehicles with such capabilities from the factory. In reality, the actual numbers are much higher, as many upgrades to the aftermarket main unit also support wireless connectivity.

More recently, however, Google has made a very strong case for using Android Auto, using nothing more than new features developed based on user feedback.

One of them is dual SIM support, which means users will soon be able to choose which SIM card they want to use when making a phone call from Android Auto. This has long been one of the top feature requests, and it’s pretty clear that Google has received the message and responded to it in the best possible way.

At the same time, Google is also working on many other improvements to Android Auto, including a new notification center, more settings to let users configure which apps run on startup, and even games that make them appear. much more convenient short stops, like waiting to pick up kids from school.

So clearly Android Auto is evolving, but the bad news for Apple users is that CarPlay doesn’t necessarily seem to be going in the right direction.

The debut of iOS 15 caused a major struggle for many CarPlay users as the app ended up crashing while trying to play music. Others complain about connectivity issues encountered after installing the latest update, regardless of the iPhone model.

So, in other words, CarPlay has become the old Android Auto, and it’s not happening in a good way. Plus, Android Auto is getting a lot more advanced, and all of these updates show that Google is much more engaged in the automotive experience these days.

CarPlay, on the other hand, gets virtually no improvement, and iOS 15 hasn’t provided any significant benefits on that front. There is only one notable change in iOS 15 for CarPlay users, which is the 3D navigation that comes with Apple Maps, although this feature is currently only available to iPhone users.

So at the end of the day, it looks like Android Auto is headed in the right direction, and that can only be good news for the ever-growing community that has long been asking Google for even basic improvements.

In the long run, the battle between Android Auto and CarPlay is clearly worth watching, and I hope the iPhone maker decides to engage more in the automotive experience as well, especially since it works by itself. VE.

For now, however, hats off to Google for this unexpected Android Auto overhaul.

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