LeVar Burton to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at Children’s Emmys

“Reading Rainbow” animator LeVar Burton is set to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2022 Children’s & Family Emmy Awards.

The ‘Roots’ actor was the host of ‘Reading Rainbow’ for more than 23 years and has become an advocate for literacy. He also has a YouTube series called “This Is My Story”, which highlights racism in the United States.

LeVar Burton to receive lifetime achievement award


The Emmy Award-winning actor is also known for his role in “Star Trek: Next Generation” and currently hosts the “LeVar Burton Reads” podcast. He is also a director, author and educator who won a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album. He received the Fred Rogers Award and several other honors.

The city of Sacramento dedicated LeVar Burton Park in his name, and he was appointed to the National Commission on Library and Information Science under then-President Bill Clinton.

As reported by CBS News, Burton will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the first-ever Children & Family Emmys, to be held in Los Angeles in December 2022. The National Academy of Television of Arts & Sciences has revealed that these will be the first Emmys expansion since the first awards ceremony in 1979.

Sir David Attenborough would also have accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award for Documentary Television. Judy Woodruff will receive one for News Television, and another will go to the home improvement series “This Old House.”

Burton responded to the news on Twitter, simply writing, “Woah.”

LeVar Burton answers questions from fans during the Reddit AMA

LeVar Burton Reddit AMA

Last month, Burton took part in a Reddit AMA to answer questions from fans throughout the day.

When a fan asked, “Do people ask you to sing the Reading rainbow theme song all the time? If not, could you? Burton jumped in all caps to give his answer.


“It made my life!” another fan replied.

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Another fan asked, “What books do you read over and over again, if any? Do you have feelings about whether it’s good to keep moving towards new discoveries or to return to familiar stories? »

“These days, it’s whatever makes you feel better!” Burton responded. “For me, it’s the balance between new stories and those that are familiar and, in that sense, comforting. We’re all under tremendous stress these days, and whatever healthy ways we can use to keep our sanity intact, I’m all for that.


Another fan asked, “Any obscure reading suggestions for black teens who seem to have read it all already?”

“I believe that it is our passions that govern our appetite for reading! People ask me all the time, ‘How do I get my child to read more?’ I ask them two questions back,” Burton replied. “1) How often does your child see you reading? This modeling is of crucial importance. 2) What excites your child? If your kid loves superheroes, I recommend getting them comic books!”

LeVar Burton

When asked if he had a bias for digital books over a screen of traditional paper-based print books, Burton revealed that he had no bias.

“I don’t think I have a bias. hardcover books, digital books; I just want to read! One of the miracles of the modern age is that I literally carry a library on my tablet. A WHOLE LIBRARY! I didn’t see it coming,” he replied.

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