Meet “La Brea” star Veronica St. Clair with these 10 fun facts! (Exclusive)


Véronique Sainte-Claire is one of the stars of the new NBC series La Bréa and we caught up with her to learn things fans probably don’t already know!

The LA native has already been seen on Netflix shows 13 reasons why and Unbelievable. In La Bréa, she plays Riley Velez, a gifted 19-year-old who’s used to getting what she wants until her life takes a huge turn.

The new sci-fi thriller takes place in Los Angeles after a huge sinkhole appears at the site of the famous La Brea Tar Pits and takes him and dozens of others to a strange prehistoric world where they must find out how to get home.

To verify 10 fun facts In regards to Speedwell below!

  1. I eat squares of dark chocolate instead of cups of coffee while filming
  2. I have a secondary “burner” phone. It’s an indestructible brick Nokia phone that I use to break my horrible social media habits 🙂
  3. I recently adopted a kitten. Her name is Carmen and she plays fetch!
  4. The only movie franchise that matters – and I * am * the authority on it – is Planet of the Apes. Koba 4 Life
  5. I am a gifted portrait painter. The way? IPhone Notes app

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  1. I organize intense themed costume parties.
  2. I broke my arm skateboarding at one of those parties. Like I said, they’re intense.
  3. I have an affinity for TV theme songs: my favorite karaoke song is 7th Heaven theme song
  4. & my ringtone in college was the Law & Order theme song: SVU
  5. One of my hobbies is writing really good (really bad) country songs in 5 minutes or less.

Be sure to watch the new episodes of La Bréa Tuesday evenings at 9 / 8c on NBC. The first two episodes are streaming now! Discover 10 fun facts about La Bréa actor Jacques Martin also.

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