Metro Council kicks off 2022 with the launch of a new podcast: District Download

The community is encouraged to share their comments, submit ideas for topics

Louisville – Metro Council launched a new podcast on Tuesday, January 4. The first episode of District Download can be found on several popular podcast platforms.

District Download is designed for all 26 districts of the Louisville Metro Council. This is your opportunity to connect with a member of your council and find out more about what is happening in your district.

“I am very happy to launch this new podcast. This gives all Metro Council members – Democrats and Republicans – the platform to openly discuss things in a way we don’t always have access to during council meetings. Metro Council is always trying to find more ways to connect with more voters, so District Download will be another tool we can use to promote transparency and grow our community, ”said Metro Council President David James ( D-6).

The podcast promotes open and respectful discussion. Each episode will be slightly different, as board members have the flexibility to tailor it to their unique styles. But each episode aims to educate, uplift, and encourage community engagement.

A new episode will be released every other Tuesday, starting January 4.

Episode 1: So How Does Metro Council Work?

Do you know what neighborhood you live in? What does Metro Council do? If you don’t remember much about your 8e government grade class, you are not alone.

President David James kicks off Metro Council podcast with crash course on local government. The first episode also explains how to contact your board member, what Metro Council is up to in 2022, and more.

The podcast is available on the following platforms:

Sonar landing page




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