MUSIC NFT NEWS: A0K1VERSE by Steve Aoki • Gibson Guitar NFTs • Music DAOs • MusicArt market • The Wombats

DJ and producer Steve Aoki launch it A0K1VERSE connect real-world experiences with Web2 and Web3 by rewarding NFT collectors and creating experiences for fans.

Like a credit card or airline rewards programs, fans can upgrade access for exclusive opportunities including free concert tickets, early access to private Aoki NFT events, metaverse experiences, and Moreover.

The basic elements of the A0K1VERSE are Credits A0K1 and passport. Passport, developped by Collector, is the central feature of the A0K1VERSE.

• Guitar maker Gibson reportedly intends to sell NFTs of his famous guitar models.

According to Billboard and Federal Trademark Office filings, Gibson hopes to sell NFTs containing images of its Les Paul, Flying V, Thunderbird and other guitars.

Competitor ESP Guitars launched its NFT program early last year.

Interested in music DAOs? Jeremy Gilbertson writes on Variety offering a solid introduction and overview of decentralized autonomous organizations: “DAOs set to play key role in artist-fan relationship: ‘It’s not about remaking the old industry; It’s a whole new thing’

• Three veteran music industry executives launched MusicArt bring old and new music artwork to the blockchain via NFTs.

MusicArIt’s a unique new NFT platform focused solely on celebrating music-based art and imagery, making it the perfect environment for musicians to exchange their visual art without fear. that it doesn’t get lost in a sea of ​​NFTs in unrelated genres on other platforms,” ​​says Peter Ruppert, CEO of MusicArt

Run on the BSV Blockchain this non-custodial service empowers users, allowing them to trade directly from their wallets without the need for intermediaries.

Built by Vaionex, MusicArt is the first NFT marketplace using TAAL’s STAS token technology “directly prevent the loss of access to the user’s art in the event of failure of third-party hosts.”

• British group The Wombats make their first drop in partnership with the web3 agency Kollectiff of NFT-based avatars for use in The Sandbox metaverse, plus access to B-sides, VIP tickets and more.

Here is the teaser:

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