Nest Doorbell gets a trio of ringtones to celebrate the 4th of July

Google’s updated, battery-powered Nest Doorbell is getting a new trick for July 4th. For a limited time, he’s getting some new ringtones to celebrate the holidays.

Available for a limited time, the Nest Doorbell is getting special ringtones for the 4th of July. The ringtones are only available until July 7, but it wouldn’t be out of place if they return next year.

The three new ringtones include “God Bless America”, “The Star-Spangled Banner” and a ringtone that mimics fireworks.

Celebrate Independence Day with two familiar songs: “God Bless America” ​​or “The Star-Spangled Banner.” For a little more fun, try the fireworks theme, available now until 07/07/2022.

In particular, these ringtones are only available for New Nest Doorbell, not the old Nest Hello.

In fact, it looks like the ability to change your doorbell chime on this older device has been removed entirely, as we no longer see it in the app. This could be because no seasonal tone is available for Hello, however.

For owners of the new Nest Doorbell, you can switch to 4th of July ringtones by going to the Google Home app, opening your doorbell settings and changing the ringtone from there.

The new Nest Doorbell also has access to a handful of year-round ringtones that are available to customers at all times. All of these ringtones play through connected Google Assistant speakers in your home, as well as on smart displays that can also preview video from the doorbell.

Google is also providing more holiday-focused ringtones to its new battery-powered Nest Doorbell, with this 4th of July being just the latest option.

At this point, Google has stopped providing new ringtones to the original wired Nest Hello.

There are plans to release a new Nest Doorbell which is exclusively wired this year to replace the Nest Hello, bringing with it support for 24/7 video recording which the battery-powered model lacks. as well as the higher aspect ratio for the camera.

Google revealed the new ringtones as part of a larger blog post rounding up some recent feature additions for its Nest ecosystem. This includes “Look and Talk” for Nest Hub Max, which rolled out over two months ago, a new Assistant feature for Google TV, Alexa support for the latest batch of Google Nest devices. and the ability to set favorites for “Live tab”.

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