New England’s Largest Christmas Decor Shop Worth A Visit

If you love everything about Christmas and want to shop all year round then you must visit The Christmas Place in Abington, Massachusetts. Faster than you can get to Boston, you can get to the North Pole – or at least feel like you did. Walking through the doors of The Christmas Place is like entering Santa’s workshop.

Honestly, from the outside, you probably can’t imagine what Christmas delicacies await inside this huge holiday store. What appears to be just a warehouse of sorts, it’s actually a magical Christmas wonderland with animatronic dancing penguins, a 300 square foot train display, a cafe and bakery with all manner of holiday goodies. , and everything you could possibly need to decorate for the season.

In addition, there is a magical Christmas forest for photos with Santa Claus every day of the week, there are even photo hours on Christmas Eve. The store has a life-size elf on the shelf to keep a very close eye on the children.

Kids would love this place. It’s piece after piece of decorations, displays and delicacies. Honestly, who would not I love this place? It is like the magic of Christmas gathered inside a store. Almost anything you see can go home to go Christmas crazy in your own home.

Personally, I have a completely Christmas obsessed aunt who I know would love this place. She has a “Jingle Bells” ringtone all year round. I think I have to make the trip with her and the kids to visit New England’s biggest Christmas decorating store, The Christmas Place on Bedford Street in Abington.

Explore the interior of New England’s largest Christmas decorating store

Do you like everything Christmas related? Then this store in Abington, Massachusetts is for you. Walking through their doors is like walking into Santa’s workshop and the best part, they celebrate Christmas all year round.

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