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In 2018, NOLA partnered with The Exchange as part of its whiskey program, sourcing and collecting casks from the ex-Seppeltsfield port.

Over the past few years, NOLA has aged spirits from various distilleries in these seasoned barrels, behind NOLA’s back bar and in the underground cellars of The Stag Public House.

Now, after years of patience, they are ready to release them into the world. Each of these whiskeys is completely unique, like no other in the world. The location of the age, size and origin of the barrels and the distillation of the spirits all contributed to the finished products.

When NOLA decided to launch this program, they wanted to create a series of whiskeys that were each impacted by our sites. From every song our artists played to every person who walked through our doors, it all had an effect on the final product.

“People have been playing with how whiskey ages with temperature and sound for many years,” says venue owner Oliver Brown.

“The distillers have played music and sonic sounds to make the whiskey vibrate, so it has a different feel to the wood, which makes it age faster.”

NOLA has always been about supporting the little guy, so to bring this limited release to life, they brought in four local creatives. They paired each of these unique whiskeys with a local artist or maker, encouraging them to create a label that embodies their own unique style, while capturing the essence of whiskey itself and, of course, the spirit of NOLA and of New Orleans.

As part of this limited edition whiskey you will find labels created by Dave Court for Single Malt Whiskey from Tin Shed Distillery Co, Vans the Omega for Single Malt Whiskey from The McLaren Vale Distillery, Stuff by Glad for NOLA’s American Blend , and Yeah Dope for American Blend by NOLA.

Venue Manager Jamie Fraser says: “Reflecting on the past 4 years, a great deal of time and care has gone into developing our four whiskeys in a way that has brought out the best in each.

“Each whiskey has been treated uniquely and carefully (and with great care), with tastings taking place every 6 months to monitor progress and make any necessary changes while they rest. We had a lot of fun producing these whiskeys – we’re sure you’ll enjoy them too.

Nola is a New Orleans-inspired bar and restaurant located in the heart of Adelaide, with a focus on soulful Creole and Cajun cuisine. They believe in supporting the little guy and seek to tell their story and promote their products.

In love with high quality products, they aim to sell them and share them with others. Over time, NOLA has learned the importance of its impact on the environment and strives to create a minimal impact business in all areas. Throughout it all remains the humble New Orleans mantra, “let the good times roll!”

To purchase NOLA’s whiskey series, click here.

NOLA is located at 28 Vardon Ave, Adelaide SA 5000

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