Panchkula: Website Launched to Access Covid Reports Online

IN AN attempt to reduce crowds at hospitals, the Panchkula Health Department on Tuesday launched a website – E Upchaar – for paperless reporting of Covid cases in the district. Urging citizens to take advantage of this opportunity, Panchkula CMO Dr Mukta Kumar said, “This website will lead a person to their Covid report once they have been tested. Residents no longer need to stand in long queues to get a copy of their Covid reports.

With a high number of cases reported every day, Panchkula Civil Hospital had remained crowded as people went there for sampling and collection of their reports. This web portal will allow anyone who has been tested to access their reports online. “This stage was mainly put in place to reduce crowds. It would also now become easier to implement Covid protocols such as social distancing. Previously, people had to wait in long lines at multiple locations to register, then test, and finally collect their reports. With this, we aim to make residents 100% independent in accessing their reports,” the CMO said.

Steps to upload your report online

A person can now log in to the E upchaar portal, access the e-diagnosis option, enter their UHID numbers, after which an OTP will be sent to them. The person will have to write to the Office of the Prosecutor to obtain their reports.

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