Parrot sings iPhone ringtone in amazing video


A parrot has come up with a surprising party trick by learning to sing an almost identical version of the iPhone ringtone.

In one adorable video, Gucci, a red and purple Eclectus parrot, can be seen showing off his unexpected talent, twittering the air with only the slightest hint of a wrong note to show it’s not the real thing.

The clip, which was filmed by the owner of Gucci and obtained by ViralHog, shows the parrot’s new favorite pastime, though it’s not entirely clear if she was trained by her owner to learn the melody, or if she picked it up by accident.

Gucci is an Eclectus parrot – one of the most common types of parrot kept as pets. The species is native to the South Pacific and is native to a number of countries in the region, including the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and even parts of northeastern Australia.

They are known for the stark difference in appearance between males and females, with males sporting green feathers and females, like Gucci, sporting bright red and purple plumage.

The iPhone ringer has become so ubiquitous that it sends most people automatically rushing to check their phone whenever someone else gets a call, so the potential for using the awesome talent of Gucci for pranks seems obvious.

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Parrots are well known for their imitative abilities – while other birds are able to copy human speech, parrots are the most adept at it – believed to come from an additional part of the ‘singing system’ that the ‘found in all birds called ‘outside’. shell.’

According to Mental Floss, parrots are social animals that likely copy human speech in an effort to fit in with their human companions.

They are also incredibly intelligent, with some parrots having about the same level of intelligence as a 5-year-old human child. And they don’t just say “pretty Polly” either. Incredibly, some are even believed to be able to learn the meaning of certain words, with their vocabulary sometimes spanning hundreds of words.

Incredibly, Gucci doesn’t seem to be the only parrot to have added the iPhone ringtone to its repertoire.

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