Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Sound Library website offers music downloads

Over the past few days, Nintendo has gone on the warpath by removing thousands of unauthorized videos featuring its music from YouTube, much to the dismay of fans. However, he now also gives something back. Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have revealed the Pokémon DP sound library website, containing all the music from Pokémon Diamond and pearl on Nintendo DS, and you can both listen to it and download it for personal video and music creation.

There is quite a large Guidelines Page detailing what you can and can’t do with the 149 musical tracks and sound effects of Pokémon Diamond and pearl. But to simplify, it means that you cannot use any of these music samples to whatever commercial (even if you intend to donate it to charity). If you hope to make any profit from this business, you are going to have a hard time. But if you just love Pokemonor you want to remix some diamond and pearl music as a showcase of your sick mixing skills to launch your wider career, then the Pokémon DP sound library should be of great interest to you.

Check out the full Pokémon DP Sound Library website for its music box, playlists, and even a sampling sample that uses diamond and pearl music.

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