Quick credit at the expense of our own car

If we need money fast, there are several solutions. We can borrow from our relatives, acquaintances, or call a credit institution offering instant cash for a personal loan. Each has its own risks, advantages and disadvantages.

It is no good to owe anyone, especially if the interest rate

It is no good to owe anyone, especially if the interest rate

Even the loan taken out, can multiply. However, there is an option for those who have unladen vehicles. Many credit institutions offer opportunities for those who need credit quickly to borrow up to a certain amount for their car. The collateral is therefore the vehicle itself, but the loan amount is for free use.

The bank will not ask you what you want to spend it on. How can this be done in practice? As its name implies, it is a quick and easy process. First, we need to choose the right credit institution. We can find many financing companies and credit agencies on the Internet.

It is worth asking for more offers


The credit assessment process is similar for each financier. Cars have a so-called EUROTAX value, which, based on the car’s parameters, determines how much our vehicle is currently worth. The credit institution determines the age at which the car can be borrowed and also checks whether the collateral is in good condition.

There’s no need to be scared, of course, that doesn’t mean you have to look as if you just rolled out of the salon. Unfortunately, that is not enough for a positive review. Applying for a loan requires proof of our regular monthly income, with an employer certificate or bank statement, sometimes a utility bill.

It’s important that we can cover the monthly repayment installment


We must provide our personal information and contact information. Since the bank has a look at our past or current loans, keep in mind that this cannot be denied, because it turns out anyway. Banks do not currently lend to active bar lists. If we can provide all the details to the bank, the review process will take about 24 hours. After the financier has checked the condition of the car and passed the car’s authenticity check, the road is free.

After signing the contract, comes the document office administration, which usually does not take much time, registering an option on the car. In the case of the tax credit, it is only two thousand or three hundred forints. If we do, the credit institution will also credit the amount to the bank account we provide. It’s that simple.