Said The Sky uses pop-punk outfit The Maine for “Go On Then, Love”


Collaborating with one of his all-time favorite bands, Said The Sky teams up with pop-punk sensation The Maine on their latest release, “Go On Then, Love,” closely following their heartbreaking August release. , “Treading Water.”

Melodic Scene Maker’s Latest Excursion features a more uplifting chorus alongside The Maine’s uplifting vocals for what the fans are call reminding summer 2016. Drawing on a rhythmic, climaxing instrumental guitar and drum break, the track appeals to the emotional producer’s ability to bring about an inherently sentimental sound experience.

Releasing “Go On Then, Love” in tandem with the track’s music video as the third and final clip in his latest trilogy, Said The Sky captures the essence of a relationship and the trials that come with it. The producer commented on the most recent video on Instagram earlier this week by stating,

“‘Go On Then, Love’ is the third and final video in this trilogy, and before the video is released, I must warn you that this is not a love story. Life is complicated, people are imperfect and relationships are difficult. That’s what I wanted this series to show. Real, genuine, imperfect people like you and me.

Watch the music video for “Go On Then, Love” below.

Featured Image: Said The Sky / Instagram

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