Siddrth talks about his latest single “Paravaigal”

Siddrth, who was born and raised in Singapore, was exposed to music from an early age

Siddrth’s date with music began at the age of 16. The singer-songwriter who was born and raised in Singapore was exposed to music from an early age. Recalling how his journey began, the artist says, “Back in the day, my mom’s phone had this ringtone maker app, long before touchscreens, where you could combine different sounds to create a rhythm. I used to always play around with it and try to make ringtones on it. The artist debuted in 2020 with the single, Piranthaen and her second single paravaigal came out recently (September 9). We talk with the artist about his music, his influences and his hobbies.

What was your inspiration to create Paravaigal?

paravaigal is a unique exploration of our relationship with memories. Our memories are often clouded by our emotions and don’t always tell the truth, especially in today’s digital age. The song travels through the conflicting memories an individual experiences and how the mind paints them in a different light.

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What genres do you like to listen to and experiment with?

I like listening to a range of genres, but lately there’s been a lot of hip-hop and R&B. I love to experiment with these genres and also get inspiration from Tamil film music.

What do you like to do besides making music?

Listen to music (laughs). I really love discovering and immersing myself in new, fresh music. Apart from music, I like to cook a lot, it’s quite therapeutic.

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Are you working on an upcoming project or a single?

There are a few ideas floating around, so I can safely say there are more to come! Finding the right people to help bring your ideas to life is crucial, that’s where we are now.

And then ?

My current focus is on writing songs and finding audiences to connect with.

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