Songen releases 2.0, an AI-powered royalty-free iOS music generator app

With the push of a button, Songen generates new songs on the go. It is based on AI-powered algorithms and does not use any predefined content. The app features an ever-growing number of curated music genres reflecting Billboard’s current music. The application exports audio and midi files in multiple formats, covering all the needs of music producers, who can focus on sound design and re-voice midi notes to enhance their sound signature.

Recognized by music producers around the world, Songen has attracted an audience of users in 100 countries. The app is under continuous development, keeping it up to date with trending music genres and styles with regular updates. It is free to download, offering a premium subscription.

The new version of Songen brings together the essential features of the music generator for professional music producers. Introducing SharePlay support, users can create music together during a FaceTime call in a synced app session. Face-to-face interaction takes music production to a whole new level by bringing two human musicians together with an AI musician. Instantly experiencing emotions to get feedback on song ideas really has the potential.

The app has been extensively developed in collaboration with the music producer community. “Virtually every feature developed has been requested by a beatmaker or artist. We are fortunate to have top music influencers who give us confidence that we are on the right track. We want to offer a relevant tool today and in the future, too,” the team says.

Songen App Features:

  • Generate unique, royalty-free music Mix genres
  • Customize tracks with various settings
  • Change instrumentation
  • Save tracks to playlists
  • song mode generates complete songs with arrangements
  • Mix and master music
  • Export audio and MIDI to complete the song in your DAW
  • Create music together in a synced session with Shareplay support

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