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WhatsApp Web: Step by Step to Download Videos to Your PC | Pixay

Today we are going to teach you a simple trick in the application WhatsApp Web so that you can download videos from your computer and save a lot more time, so read on so you don’t miss these steps.

The truth is that WhatsApp Web is becoming more and more suitable for general use, as new ones are constantly added. tools to the platform that allows users to perform a lot more activities without needing to use a mobile device, one of them being how to download videos from WhatsApp Web.

The safest thing is that you have already received a document from one of your contacts, and although it is automatically saved to your mobile phone, most of the time you need this file when using a computer, but not worry because it you can also download it from your pc.

It should be noted that in order to do this you do not need to close WhatsApp Web from your mobile phone, as you can download the file as many times as you want with a single click, although if it is. This is a video, you need to see it first to activate the download option.

On the other hand, one of the problems that you cannot download videos from WhatsApp web might be due to the internet connection you are using, that is why it is recommended to check your Wifi and then recharge the main page of WhatsApp Web and try to download the files again.

Also make sure that the date and time on your computer is correct as sometimes changing this setting can interfere with downloads as it can be interpreted as if you are in another area and it will delay or prevent the download.

To download the PDF files from your computer, you can go to the download folder on your PC if you are using the Chrome browser, where you will have a complete list of documents, photos and videos that you download from your contacts.

The constant updates of the app made it possible to carry out these activities, because before it was not even known how to share the statuses on WhatsApp Web.

However, currently it can be done without any problem and your downloaded files can be obtained easily and quickly.

So if you have a file pending or need, the fastest way is to find the name of said document or video in the conversation where you sent or received it, which will appear with a download icon. , which you can get later in the folder we mentioned earlier.

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