Steve from ‘Blue’s Clues’ brings back the past with a heartfelt message


I’m just going to give you a fair warning, it’s going to touch your heart and make you cry.

Blue indices turns 25 this week … 25! To celebrate, Nick Jr. posted a video message on social media that literally makes people cry… including me. To understand why so many people are affected by the message, you have to go back to the beginning.

Blue and its clues

Blue indices was a popular children’s show launched in 1996 on Nick jr. The show followed host Steve and his blue-spotted animated dog named Blue as she left a trail of clues / paw prints for Steve and viewers to find out about his plans for the day. Even receiving the mail became a party with a catchy dance and song. In my house, the show was a must-see for my three children. We even had a “thinking chair” and a Blue indices notepad for jotting down clues.

Show host Steve Burns became one of the most famous figures of his time during his stint as host. The world loved Steve, and then one day he left. Burns, who took the role at just 22, was struck off the show with the story of him en route to college.

According to Burns, he just felt that “it just felt like it was time to go… I was just getting older and sort of taking up this weird older brother space on this show. Like I was in some way. sort an adult, but not really. ” After Burns left, the Blue indices The actor was later replaced by Donovan Patton as Steve’s younger brother, “Joe,” but it still seemed like an unfinished business for the millions of kids watching day in and day out.

Fast forward

So here we are. Most originals Blue indices viewers have grown up, started their careers, and even have children of their own, much like mine. It seemed now, with the 25th anniversary upon us, that perhaps a special message from an old friend was long overdue. Prepare the Kleenex.

Steve is back

Steve himself has a message for all of you … all of us. In a very candid video shared by Nick Jr. on Tuesday, Steve is back. Dressed in his iconic green striped shirt, he speaks directly to fans, as he once did on the show. He talks about “leaving us” in 2002. He talks about growing up, life changes and his accomplishments since leaving, but the moment that will make you feel the special magic of Blue’s Clues is drawing to a close.

“I really couldn’t have done all of this without your help… I never forgot you.” Already.”

Take a minute to step back in time with an old friend and watch the full video. Steve … we needed this now.

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